Oct 28, 2011

lucky #5


you are a winning machine...i swear i saw that you won
on lauren's blog a couple weeks ago.

all right, email me with your info and i will be
mailing you the prizes:
h&m $5 gc
an array of gem colored studs from

Oct 24, 2011


*giveaway closed*
how about a giveaway?
a resounding, yes?
that's what i thought.

it's not a blow your socks off giveaway,
so let's take it down a notch people.

one giftcard to h&m for $5
(for use between 11/3-11/16)
and a combo of jewel toned studs from forever 21.

look, a giftcard with a top knot!

want to win?
to gain an entry i would like you to read the labels of my posts
on the left sidebar....have you done it yet?
not sure what some of them are?
go ahead and click on some...figure out which one is your favorite (or two, or three)
then leave a comment on this post with your favorite(s).

why? because you want an entry...
and also i want to know what you want to read on this here blog.
i'm starting to get into a groove of wanting to blog again and
it helps me to know what you like and what's a waste of time.

want 2 entries?
well you have to do the first one yet...once you've done that,
your second entry:
what fall trend have you tried? want to try? want tips on how to try?
tell me in a comment.

this giveaway will be open until 10/27 at midnight,
winner announced 10/28 in the morning time...hopefully before elevensies.

Oct 19, 2011

inspire your style

are you on pinterest?
(click on my pin link on the left to follow me)

i love it.
i've gotten so many great ideas for tons of different things.

i go through my pin boards every few weeks to remember outfits that i've pinned from others.
i went through my "for the love of clothes" board before i went
shopping last week.
(thank you birthday money!)

here are my tips for shopping:
1. if you have kids, go without them...you can not get done what you need to with kids.
2. wear something easy to take on and off and where bottoms that you  normally wear
(ie: your fav jeans)
3. grab what you like..anything that gets your attention grab it then
4. go in waves, if you have 10/15 items (there's usually some cut off for dressing rooms), take not of where you are in the store, go to the nearest dressing room try on (with tips from below) and then start back in the store where you ended.
5. divide your dressing room into "yes" and "no" choices
6. start with tops(b/c you're already wearing your fav bottoms), put them on, if you love the way it looks on you, it's a yes. if you don't like it, take it off and put it in the "no" pile...if you don't like it right away, don't convince yourself you will. you wont. save yourself some time and brain power.
7. put your yeses in your cart/bag and continue until you're done with what you want from the store
now, if you have a budget
(which, who doesn't?)
go back with all your yeses and try it all on again and make another "yes" and "no" pile.
this time, yes, for things that will be the most interchangeable in your wardrobe.
(or for the ones that you feel fabulous in...that too is important)

usually when you go shopping it's because you're lacking something in your wardrobe.
go with a plan in mind.
i usually:
go to the stores website before i shop and find things that i like or want to try on when i'm there.
i write down things that i feel like i could use/need or have been wanting to try.
(i have to write it down or i'll forget...yes i have the memory of an 85 year old...who isn't coherent)

so i went shopping last week.
it was the best birthday present ever!

anyway, i pre-looked online and had a few things that i wanted to grab for sure.
after about two hours in the store
(that's a guess...i wasn't keeping track of time)
and two trips to the dressing room
i came away with some things that my wardrobe was lacking for fall.

here's one of my new outfits.
the two tops are new.
also, i got amazeball deals, these two tops only cost $20!
an outfit post you say?
yes, those still sort of exist on this blog:
my only full body shot is in b&w...so there you go.

here it is in living color
(you can do what you want to do...in living color)

(all clothes are from old navy except my shoes...target for those bad boys)
and my sweet shoes, i bought them months ago
and i've only worn them a few times

here's my face.
do any of you have some good hair tutorials?

i try to do cute things...but i feel like i always look like i just rolled out of bed
and not in the super cute runway-way either.

is having a giant picture of my face super vain?
i took it and thought it was cute and then as i was putting this post together
i thought, why do i need a close up of my face?
i was trying to be artsy fartsy but really
it just comes across as super vain, right?
i'm not sure how to take pictures of my outfits without coming across super vain.


you may (or may not) notice that this outfit is completely
accessory free.

i can't really do necklaces with fat baby b/c the necklaces
get yanked on or crushed unto my clavicle and it's not worth wearing
even my post earrings seem to scrape up fat baby somehow
so i'm trying to look for new ways to dress up
my outfits without the jewelry that i love so dearly.

one of my ideas is to pick an outfit that's pretty fly on it's own.
i think my pink shirt it fly.

Oct 11, 2011

the swing

i was reading some of my old posts....you know back when i posted on this blog.
and i came across this one about dressing for inside vs outside.

i have this blog in hope of inspiring moms (or just women in general)
to want to make an effort before they leave the house.

i think it's important to invest in yourself.
you feel better when you look good.
proper clothes that fit your body help you get there.
it's also an amazing lesson to teach your kids,
taking care of yourself = a good thing.

at the moment i have roughly 3 different outfits that i wear all the time.
not because i like to stick with what works.
trust me, if i had access to a credit card, i would have tons of clothes
and a husband that would probably have a heart attack.
all i can really afford is a few things every month,
i'm working on rebuilding my wardrobe.
over the last year or two
my weight has been all over the place
and i've been buying a lot of cheap things,
so after one season of wear they
are pretty much ready to be trashed.
also, i just had a baby.

i only own one pair of jeans right now.
one pair of jeggings.
a pair of bright red cords.
that's it for pants.

i have one shirt that i love and wear once a week
and possible two or three times if i haven't seen anyone i know.
i have a cardigan that i wear as a shirt.
and a handful of other shirts that i try and work in when i'm feeling like
everyone knows i wear the same shirt everyday.

mostly i feel guilt when i spend money on myself.
shocking, i know.

i feel like that new sweater i just bought could be 4 gallons of milk, 4 loafs of bread,
dinners for two nights and 2 boxes of cereal.

but then i have days when i'm sitting on my bed looking at my clothes
thinking, what am i supposed to wear today?
i already wore my favorite shirt twice in a row...now what?

it's a fine balance...that i have yet to master.

i struggle with spending money on myself too.
i also own 5 pairs of yoga pants, that i wear everyday.
you would only know that because...well, one, i just told you
but two, unless you come knocking on my door during the day
you would have no idea.
if you see me getting in my car, i (usually) do not have yoga pants on.
the only time i wear yoga pants out in public is if i'm going to the gym
or going on a late night fast food/grocery run.

this is what i look like when i go outside:

right before i leave
and right when i get home
i have on my inside clothes:

what's with that face, right?

i like looking nice and getting dressed up,
there are also some days
when i wish i was comfortable putting on a t-shirt, yoga pants and a fleece
but when i'm outside my house i like being in my outside clothes.

do you have inside and outside clothes?

Oct 10, 2011

the more you know

i was catching up on lauren's blog (man that girl can post) and saw this cute little get-to-know-you type thing.
in honor of my b-day in a few days i thought it would be
fun to do it on my blog.
you know, get to know me a little better.
also, if you want to leave yours in the comments i'd love to get
to know you better too!
age: 29 in 3 days
bed size: queen-in-it-up

chores that you hate: i thought i hated dishes but it turns out i don't. doing dishes is quick and rewarding. it turns out i hate laundry. i hate folding it i hate putting it away. i hate laundry.
dogs: this is a debate in our house, i say nay and everyone else says yay. we've never had a dog and i'm hoping to keep it that way, but lets face it, i'll be out voted at some point.
essential start to your day: checking my email. after i get eva's lunch packed and breakfast for the girls i usually sit down and do the computer thing for about an hour.

favorite color: green. i love all greens except for forest, not a fan of that one.

gold or silver: i like gold but i usually buy silvers. fun fact, just found out i'm allergic to zinc...unfortunate consequence, my wedding ring i've been wearing for the last 10+ years is now retired to a shelf. i love my ring, i need to find a cure.
height: 5"7 or 5"6 you decide.

instruments you play: guitar. that's it. i really wish i could play the piano...sigh, it's a childhood dream.
job title: being awesome. well that's not a job, it comes naturally.
kids: tres. 2 girls eva (ay-vuh) and elle ("L") and of course fat baby jj.
live: to the fullest.
mother's name: this is weird right? it's tamara
nicknames: well my bff from childhood use to call me ricci (ricki) after christina ricci (ree-chi). we thought it was pronounced ricki, and my bff use to call me chrystina (again, another nickname, not my real name) so she shortened it to ricki for a long time. i still get mail from her that says chrystina on it. around our neighborhood we call each other by our last names.

overnight hospital stays: only after giving birth to my chitlins.

pet peeves: the list is long-ish. but my top peeves, my feet getting wet when i'm wearing sandals. people asking if i'm mad, when i'm not...it gets me mad. when people poke me, i don't know what it is about being poked by a finger but i really don't like it. delusional people...all though they also make great entertainment and make you feel super good about yourself. and also having to repeat myself, over and over and over. (this one comes once you have children)

quote from a movie or tv show: "when you put a "d" on fine you're not find" pretty much anything from friends, i quote them like they are my real life friends.
right or lefty: right.

siblings: i have one little brother.

time you wake up: 7am. there has been the occasional early morning call from jj recently..he's teething. #punchesownface

underwear: you know it girrrrrl.

vegetable you hate: peas. i don't know what it is about them but i'm not really into them anymore. and having kids that are picky totally enables me.

what makes you run late: not being able to find the things i need to get out the door and also remembering all the little things i should pack right before i get out the door.

x-rays you've had: my foot...i kept telling myself i had a hairline fracture (something i saw on the biggest loser..i may have a smidgen of hypochondria)...yeah, it was nothing, i got the prescription of eating lots of advil...thanks for that $200 bill to tell me to eat more advil.

yummy food you make: this list is also pretty long. just kidding. my husband recently told me that i'm a good cook. we've been married for 9.5 years and he told me a few weeks ago that i'm a good cook. i can't even tell you how good that made me feel. i really like cooking and it feels so good when someone compliments you on something you think you're good at. i made meatloaf for the second time in my life last night (i'm not a fan, so we don't eat it) and this was the first time it was my own recipe...they all loved it. #bigsmile

 zoo animal: polar bears.

was that fun?
i thought it was fun.

also, total side note:
you know when you're filling out forms and it says check one,
caucasian, hispanic, african-american etc.
there is also has a box that says "white non-hispanic"
what does that mean?
i always struggle with that box.
because i am white but i have a hispanic background
(that i don't really know a lot about)
so am i lying if i check non-hispanic?
i feel like if i say white-hispanic
i'm being dishonest too, because i don't really know anything about being
hispanic, besides having a mexican last name and liking mexican food.
are there any other sort of hispanics out there
that have had this problem?
i guess it's not really a problem per-say but i've always wondered.
through-out the years
i've marked both...
some days i feel one with my inner latina and
other days i feel like the whitest white girl in the valley.

Oct 3, 2011

your q's answered- keeping the milk in the jugs

i recieved an email from a new mama
looking for some ideas on how to keep her already big lady bumps less...obvious.
she already has a big chest and milk supply pretty much doubles and sometimes triples that area. yay...not.

i feel your pain mama...it feels like there's little renesme's in your chest
trying to claw their way out.

i just kept it real.

so, i'm not too privy on what will absolutely work, just some basic ideas
that should give an optical illusion,
you will of course have to try these on your frame to see if it works.
but i do have some definite

you want to keep a vertical line adding optical length and the
appearance of more height.
i think an open cardi or vest could add great length.
but you have to choose the correct type.
nothing too bulky that will just add more volume.
no crazy pattern, like horizontal stripes, no thanks.
no ruffly goodness up top.
and do not button it over your chest, it will pull and just add more attention.
large chest options

with basic shirt options you want to probably keep it loose
but not too loose, not boxy, loose but modern.
i sound like an idiot.
just like my example k?
there, that's much easier.

say no to plunging necklines and see-through whites.
(i know the plunging necklines seems like a no-brainer but
a v-neck can elongate very well...but with milk boobies that big
i'm guess the cleavage starts pretty close to your collar bone)
no to crewnecks...they are not flattering on a chesty mrs.
and of course no to anything that adds extra volume:

say yes to drawing attention elsewhere.
like your bottom half, that's right, i said it.
a great floral skirt (or some other busy pattern) will draw the eye down.
add some fun tights and shoes and no one will be looking at ginger and mary-ann.
also, keeping attention at your face, with some small dangle earrings
or more likely, some fun post earrings, once those babies start grabbing
dangle earrings become a back drawer item.
big chest yes and nos

i really hope that helps.
it's the best i got.