Oct 11, 2011

the swing

i was reading some of my old posts....you know back when i posted on this blog.
and i came across this one about dressing for inside vs outside.

i have this blog in hope of inspiring moms (or just women in general)
to want to make an effort before they leave the house.

i think it's important to invest in yourself.
you feel better when you look good.
proper clothes that fit your body help you get there.
it's also an amazing lesson to teach your kids,
taking care of yourself = a good thing.

at the moment i have roughly 3 different outfits that i wear all the time.
not because i like to stick with what works.
trust me, if i had access to a credit card, i would have tons of clothes
and a husband that would probably have a heart attack.
all i can really afford is a few things every month,
i'm working on rebuilding my wardrobe.
over the last year or two
my weight has been all over the place
and i've been buying a lot of cheap things,
so after one season of wear they
are pretty much ready to be trashed.
also, i just had a baby.

i only own one pair of jeans right now.
one pair of jeggings.
a pair of bright red cords.
that's it for pants.

i have one shirt that i love and wear once a week
and possible two or three times if i haven't seen anyone i know.
i have a cardigan that i wear as a shirt.
and a handful of other shirts that i try and work in when i'm feeling like
everyone knows i wear the same shirt everyday.

mostly i feel guilt when i spend money on myself.
shocking, i know.

i feel like that new sweater i just bought could be 4 gallons of milk, 4 loafs of bread,
dinners for two nights and 2 boxes of cereal.

but then i have days when i'm sitting on my bed looking at my clothes
thinking, what am i supposed to wear today?
i already wore my favorite shirt twice in a row...now what?

it's a fine balance...that i have yet to master.

i struggle with spending money on myself too.
i also own 5 pairs of yoga pants, that i wear everyday.
you would only know that because...well, one, i just told you
but two, unless you come knocking on my door during the day
you would have no idea.
if you see me getting in my car, i (usually) do not have yoga pants on.
the only time i wear yoga pants out in public is if i'm going to the gym
or going on a late night fast food/grocery run.

this is what i look like when i go outside:

right before i leave
and right when i get home
i have on my inside clothes:

what's with that face, right?

i like looking nice and getting dressed up,
there are also some days
when i wish i was comfortable putting on a t-shirt, yoga pants and a fleece
but when i'm outside my house i like being in my outside clothes.

do you have inside and outside clothes?


  1. Inside: ratty sweats/t-shirt/head scarf.
    Outside: varies!

    I'm trying to pinpoint looks I tend to gravitate towards and it definitely depends on the season. Summer/Spring: skirts, dresses, loose tops, and sandals. Fall/winter: blazers, scarves, turtlenecks, leggings, and tights


  2. I am cycling through the same few outfits right now, too... changing body shape, lack of shopping funds and spit-up/poop/sticky kids galore make getting dressed more of a chore than anything. You always look fabulous! At least outside... right?


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