Oct 24, 2011


*giveaway closed*
how about a giveaway?
a resounding, yes?
that's what i thought.

it's not a blow your socks off giveaway,
so let's take it down a notch people.

one giftcard to h&m for $5
(for use between 11/3-11/16)
and a combo of jewel toned studs from forever 21.

look, a giftcard with a top knot!

want to win?
to gain an entry i would like you to read the labels of my posts
on the left sidebar....have you done it yet?
not sure what some of them are?
go ahead and click on some...figure out which one is your favorite (or two, or three)
then leave a comment on this post with your favorite(s).

why? because you want an entry...
and also i want to know what you want to read on this here blog.
i'm starting to get into a groove of wanting to blog again and
it helps me to know what you like and what's a waste of time.

want 2 entries?
well you have to do the first one yet...once you've done that,
your second entry:
what fall trend have you tried? want to try? want tips on how to try?
tell me in a comment.

this giveaway will be open until 10/27 at midnight,
winner announced 10/28 in the morning time...hopefully before elevensies.


  1. Love your collage posts!

  2. I want to try colorblocking this fall.

  3. I love your look 4 less! It really excites me to think I'm not far from actually being able to take advantage of cool clothes......I'm still losing weight, hopefully it won't be to much longer!

  4. I need to learn how to take the time to take care of myself!

  5. I want to read more about you!

  6. I like your collages and accessories (how to dress up your outfit with accessories). This fall I'm wearing legwarmers, I'm not sure it's a trend. If not, I'm starting it.

  7. I like the hair posts. I love seeing how other people are doing their hair

  8. I would love to do the boot thing. But, I have wide calves and finding boots to fit that aren't expensive is a hard thing to do.


your comments make my day...serious.
it's like having an adult convo...but one sided.