Oct 10, 2011

the more you know

i was catching up on lauren's blog (man that girl can post) and saw this cute little get-to-know-you type thing.
in honor of my b-day in a few days i thought it would be
fun to do it on my blog.
you know, get to know me a little better.
also, if you want to leave yours in the comments i'd love to get
to know you better too!
age: 29 in 3 days
bed size: queen-in-it-up

chores that you hate: i thought i hated dishes but it turns out i don't. doing dishes is quick and rewarding. it turns out i hate laundry. i hate folding it i hate putting it away. i hate laundry.
dogs: this is a debate in our house, i say nay and everyone else says yay. we've never had a dog and i'm hoping to keep it that way, but lets face it, i'll be out voted at some point.
essential start to your day: checking my email. after i get eva's lunch packed and breakfast for the girls i usually sit down and do the computer thing for about an hour.

favorite color: green. i love all greens except for forest, not a fan of that one.

gold or silver: i like gold but i usually buy silvers. fun fact, just found out i'm allergic to zinc...unfortunate consequence, my wedding ring i've been wearing for the last 10+ years is now retired to a shelf. i love my ring, i need to find a cure.
height: 5"7 or 5"6 you decide.

instruments you play: guitar. that's it. i really wish i could play the piano...sigh, it's a childhood dream.
job title: being awesome. well that's not a job, it comes naturally.
kids: tres. 2 girls eva (ay-vuh) and elle ("L") and of course fat baby jj.
live: to the fullest.
mother's name: this is weird right? it's tamara
nicknames: well my bff from childhood use to call me ricci (ricki) after christina ricci (ree-chi). we thought it was pronounced ricki, and my bff use to call me chrystina (again, another nickname, not my real name) so she shortened it to ricki for a long time. i still get mail from her that says chrystina on it. around our neighborhood we call each other by our last names.

overnight hospital stays: only after giving birth to my chitlins.

pet peeves: the list is long-ish. but my top peeves, my feet getting wet when i'm wearing sandals. people asking if i'm mad, when i'm not...it gets me mad. when people poke me, i don't know what it is about being poked by a finger but i really don't like it. delusional people...all though they also make great entertainment and make you feel super good about yourself. and also having to repeat myself, over and over and over. (this one comes once you have children)

quote from a movie or tv show: "when you put a "d" on fine you're not find" pretty much anything from friends, i quote them like they are my real life friends.
right or lefty: right.

siblings: i have one little brother.

time you wake up: 7am. there has been the occasional early morning call from jj recently..he's teething. #punchesownface

underwear: you know it girrrrrl.

vegetable you hate: peas. i don't know what it is about them but i'm not really into them anymore. and having kids that are picky totally enables me.

what makes you run late: not being able to find the things i need to get out the door and also remembering all the little things i should pack right before i get out the door.

x-rays you've had: my foot...i kept telling myself i had a hairline fracture (something i saw on the biggest loser..i may have a smidgen of hypochondria)...yeah, it was nothing, i got the prescription of eating lots of advil...thanks for that $200 bill to tell me to eat more advil.

yummy food you make: this list is also pretty long. just kidding. my husband recently told me that i'm a good cook. we've been married for 9.5 years and he told me a few weeks ago that i'm a good cook. i can't even tell you how good that made me feel. i really like cooking and it feels so good when someone compliments you on something you think you're good at. i made meatloaf for the second time in my life last night (i'm not a fan, so we don't eat it) and this was the first time it was my own recipe...they all loved it. #bigsmile

 zoo animal: polar bears.

was that fun?
i thought it was fun.

also, total side note:
you know when you're filling out forms and it says check one,
caucasian, hispanic, african-american etc.
there is also has a box that says "white non-hispanic"
what does that mean?
i always struggle with that box.
because i am white but i have a hispanic background
(that i don't really know a lot about)
so am i lying if i check non-hispanic?
i feel like if i say white-hispanic
i'm being dishonest too, because i don't really know anything about being
hispanic, besides having a mexican last name and liking mexican food.
are there any other sort of hispanics out there
that have had this problem?
i guess it's not really a problem per-say but i've always wondered.
through-out the years
i've marked both...
some days i feel one with my inner latina and
other days i feel like the whitest white girl in the valley.

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  1. I grew up wondering which box to check every time I took the Iowa Test. The teachers were of no help. Sometimes I'd check "other" just to put a bit of variety into my testing record.


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