Aug 3, 2011

epic fail and an inbetweeny-weeny.

**pic below
my hair appt was yesterday.

it didn't go so great.

i'm not sure if it was my fault or his but i thought,
"i want ombre hair" was pretty universal.
maybe the picture i brought was too...i don't even know.

so i look like a modern day cruela de a so not cool way.

i woke up a little after 5am to feed jj and i couldn't go back to sleep
because all i could think about was how my hair is an
epic fail.

i'm going back...don't worry.
i just feel bad that it didn't turn out right in the first place...i was there for 4 hours.
and left...frustrated.

until then...this is what i wore yesterday:

i wanted to wear my seychelles
but honestly they aren't an everyday shoe for my life.
what? you're shocked i can't walk
in a 5 inch wedge all day?
yeah, me too.

here they are...and also my super-awesome-amahzing fashion poses,
prepare to be mind-blown.


yes...there is considerable baggage in the crotch, knees and thighs
of my beloved cropped jeggings.
alas, they are too big.
but the next size down is too small.
i'm a mutant.
i have to say being inbetween a size is the highest level of annoying.

right now i'm wearing a size 16-
that's right, i said it.
i know, i look pretty good for a 16.
was that totally self-absorbed or what?
i'm over it.

my goal is to be...wait for it...a size 10.
by jan 1.

and that's how i'm ending this post.

dearest hair,
remember yesterday when i was shaking because i was so nervous about you?
i'm sorry you went through so much and now you look dumb.
you have been a torment through-out my life and i've finally grown to love you...
and then i pour chemicals all over you and you look dumb.
i promise hair, i will get it all figured out. you're so healthy and beautiful...i'm sorry if i'm about to
damage you even more. please forgive me.
and by forgive me i mean don't get all frizzy and crap-tastic on me.
love, me.

**pic update...b/c i know you want to know** also: this is 7:30am, i haven't even rubbed the crap out of my eyes.


  1. i just love your blog and i get so excited when i see you have posted something!

  2. Love those wedges...hate it when the beautician screws up and you have to keep going back...ah!!! You look amazing with your post baby body!

  3. I'm confused. I don't remember you saying that you were going to bleach the under side of your hair!!! That's how I had mind a hundred years ago.....So what now??? You are looking very slim and I'm still there with you on the weight loss......I don't know about a size 10 for me though??? I guess it's possible, right??? xo


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