Feb 12, 2011

weekend wear

in an attempt to catch-up with everyone else on the 30
i decided to take weekend pictures.

i wanted to wear a pair of my boots...but then i thought i should keep it real,
if i'm out running errands with one of my kids
i'm going to want to wear my warm boots...which are of course in my 30.

i'm not sure what's up with my buck tooth smile...but just go with it.

once i saw this picture i decided to put my hair up real quick

also, i was going outside to take my pictures and it was so windy!
there's no way i could've gotten a decent picture
so inside was my only choice.

this shirt looked a lot darker and brighter online
(i'm pretty sure darker and brighter is an oxymoron).


  1. the boots do look super comfy.. I'm on the lookout for comfy boots that color! Cute!

  2. Like the top the colors are pretty.

  3. I think it looks lovely! Very comfy also. You should leave your hair up by the way!!


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