Feb 3, 2011

it's baaAAAaack

i could only be referring to my awesome
neon cardi from jcrew.
(top:liz lange, cardi:jcrew, jeans:gap mat, earrings:the ciao bella boutique, necklace:f21)

now i know i'm probably getting a few
eye-rolls for my uggs (by uggs i mean warm boots from payless).
i am a mom, i have a lot of errands to run (sometimes)
i'm 7 months pregnant, so suck it.
would this outfit been cuter with my brown boots?
but i knew i'd need my warm boots to keep my feet happy for the remix.
plus my 30/30 is more about
being a cute prego mom,
so comfort comes into play more than ever.
p.s. i got a little package from 
the ciao bella boutique and i was elated!
i picked out the cutest earrings and birdy bobby pin.
can't wait to show them off.
i'm wearing some little white roses
in these pics but i didn't have time 
to take a closer shot.
 my kids were already waiting in the car 
to go when i took these.
yes, i could be mother of the year.
you'll notice that i'm wearing the same
white shirt from 1/30
but like 80% of my clothes are still traveling
here from online.
soooo, i'll have to be pretty creative.
plus i couldn't think of an outfit
last night, and this is what
i grabbed this morning.

once you tell your kids you're going to
wacky bounce you need to pretty much
finish what you're doing
and haul "a" to the door.


  1. LOL yes you do! I think you look great - that yellow cardi makes any outfit special!

  2. Such a cute outfit! i love your blog btw!
    Please check out mine? marchfab1.wordpress.com Thanks!


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