Feb 1, 2011

1/30 winter edition

and so it begins.
i have yet to take pictures of my 30/30.
but you have seen the 7 shirts
from yesterday, those will all be in it.
plus a new dress i ordered too
and some other stuff.
blah, blah, blah.
i'll take pictures tonight...promise.

the sun is shining today.
not that it's warm out
but it looks gorgeous outside.
yesterday it was cold...ridic cold
and gray and gloomy.
i like to refer to oregon as the bi-polar state
when it comes to weather.
outfit numero uno:
remember the other day when i showed how
to make an outfit with a white shirt and jeans?
well bam.
here's my white shirt and jeans look.
i wore this yesterday and i'm wearing it again today.
i wore it like this yesterday:
i didn't go anywhere yesterday till close to 8pm
and only two people i know saw me.
my day is pretty much the same today
all though i will be grocery shopping at some point
and taking my husband's great aunt shopping as well.
side shot:
30 weeks people...30 weeks.
but today i will be wearing it like this:
this is a diy scarf.
it use to be the band of a drop waist dress.
i just cut the skirt part off to make a shirt
and realized that i made a scarf in the process.
i know...i'm like a mad craft genius.
this is the reason that i was back in those trees.
too much sunshine!
also my normal "standing in my back yard" shot 
was occupied by my neighbors 
lawn chairs sprawled all over the yard.
i didn't exactly feel like cleaning up after them
so you get the "rent a party house for a weekend" house
in the background.

i'm highly aware that i'm wearing
no pop of color.
normally i'd wear some bright yellow studs or something
to that effect...but...i'm just sitting around my house
so the effort feels a bit fake.
maybe when i go to pick up my oldest from school
but even then, they've created this new amazing system
where you don't even have to get out of your car.
ahhh, America...thanks for keeping me lazy.


  1. You look so cute. Can't wait to see your remix creations.

  2. I'm having a valentine's giveaway on my blog if you'd like to check it out. xx

  3. You are so cute! I love that scarf. Dang, your crafty. ;)

  4. Nothing wrong with re-wearing a classic outfit like this! I love your DIY scarf. :)


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