Jan 31, 2011


i don't think i mentioned that i will be doing
it starts tomorrow and i'm still not sure what
i'm putting in the mix.
as much as i'd like to be creative with my
choices and have ton's of fun layering pieces.
it's just not in the cards for someone
who's in her last trimester.
buuuuut, i think it's a good opportunity
to look cute whilst becoming a giant person.
i'm probably going to look like i'm 
wearing the same 30 pieces for 30 days.
not a lot of options for a wardrobe that's only supposed to
last me for the next few months.

of course that never stopped me from a small shopping spree.
part of the reason i haven't decided what to put in the remix
is because i have online shopped and not all my pieces
are in my possession.

but since i have a limited amount of bottoms to begin with
i'll go ahead and reveal those now:
l to r: old navy denim pencil skirt, gap skinny maternity jeans, liz lange boot cut jeans and old navy leggings.

but when it comes to tops it's still up in the air.
i'll come up with the final cut tonight and post pics 
tonight or tomorrow morning along with 
my first outfit.
i also only have 3 pairs of shoes for the remix too.
i wish i had some cute flats 
but when i invited myself, my youngest and the girl
i babysit to be dropped off at the mall while my husband
goes to a meeting...i got denied.
shocking, i know.


in the mean time here's a top that didn't make the cut:
mostly because it's such a bold shirt
i don't think there's anyway i could really mix it in.
if i wasn't wearing paneled pants i could
probably tuck it in somehow,
or if i had a sweater vest to wear over it
that could be cute too,
but i don't have those things.

and of course, the side shot.
this is 30 weeks people.

top: h&m maternity, leggings: target, boots: target.

so there you have it.
let me know if you're remixing this winter for the 30/30.
i'd love to see you in action!

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