Sep 29, 2010

things that make my eyes bleed

  • socks with teva's 
  •  pants that are neither ankle or capri...they are called high waters and they make you look like you have short weird legs.

  • beautiful women wearing sweats
  • moms picking their kids up in pajama pants. it's 2010, NO ONE WEARS PAJAMA PANTS TO PICK UP THEIR CHILDREN...i'm embarrassed by you and you're not my mom, i'm embarrassed to be in the same category as you: a woman and a mom...stop wearing pajama pants in public.
no pic will be used in order
to not embarrass the guilty any further.
  • multiple stretched out faded layers...long sleeve, short sleeve, leggings, skirts, socks, buttoned shirt, backpack...this is all one look like a hobo. hobo-hippy-"chic" is not a look.
next time i'm downtown 
or at my local library
i'll take a picture .

Sep 28, 2010

fall fun from wal-mart to neiman marcus

sometimes the clothing deals at wal-mart are just 
too good to pass up!

and is it just me or has kmart really stepped it
up the past few years?
growing up we only shopped at kmart 
and i hated my lack of options,
but they have so many cute options now!
i am in love with the selena gomez line!

what girl doesn't love target?
they are the perfect place to shop season
by season and trend by trend.
reasonable prices and the latest trends.

i think a lot of people forget about
jc penny.
they think of it as a mom store or where old
ladies shop.
but jcp has some of the latest looks
and being a department store
they have great sales!

the clothes from jcrew below aren't actually 
all that badly priced...i think we all 
know that jcrew prices can get up 
there in cost.
i'm in love with that velvet blazer.

almost every girl i know loves
i was introduced this last year to this fine
i love that the clothes are unique.
my best advice for anthro is read through the 
reviews...just because it costs an arm and a leg
doesn't mean it was made well.

ahh, neiman marcus
incredible selection of designers
at your finger tips...
with all the designer price tags too.
you can fantasy drool or consider
saving for an investment piece.

Sep 27, 2010

look 4 less

how was your weekend?
the only shopping i did was
honestly, even that type of shopping
gives me a thrill.

as i was perusing all my favorite
online places to shop
(and by shop, i mean fill my bag and never purchase a thing)
i was looking through
and cam across
this amazing kate spade new york ensemble.
do you love it?
there's something about textile
and pattern mixing that seems
so modern.
i especially like this look with these 
bordeaux tights!

so here are some ways to 
do this look without dropping $815:

the blouse:

the skirt:

the cardigan:
and some fun tights:
do you like texture and pattern mixing?
it's all about putting the right
colors together.

Sep 24, 2010

fantasy friday

i wish i was wearing this kate spade look
with these tall-licious frye boots.
i love everything about this look
right down to the hair!
i have zero idea how much this look costs
but these boots are $448

things i learned during hair week:
*spraying your hands with hairspray to 
help the fly aways lay down
(i looked so much more polished this week!)
*getting the right stylist to find the right
cut for you is crucial
you can have volume in your hair if it's flat but you need to have the right haircut
*if you're over 40 you shouldn't be mistaken for a 20 year old
from the's time to let go of the super blond hair.
*if you put a little effort into your hair, you can look put together,
the whole package.

in an effort to get this post put out at a reasonable time 
i'm posting it now.
but as soon as i get my pics of the perfect pony, 
i'll post them up later.
have a great weekend.
p.s. i may put hair stuff in posts next week as well, 
everyone seemed to like it, so i'll splatter posts
with it periodically.

Sep 23, 2010

hair week extravaganza 2010

this is why i'm getting the brazilian blowout:

when my husband saw these pics he said:
"this is exaggerated"
and i said:
"do you even know me?"
then i explained that no, this is not exaggerated,
this is why i never blow dry my hair.
and when i do, i do it section by tedious section
and flat iron as i go.
(i wonder why my arms aren't more toned?)

regadrless i am always on the lookout for 
hairdo's that i can do...or at least
take something from it and try it with
my own crazy hair.

one thing i've learned, if you really want 
to concur the hair battle
you have to invest a little into it.
you need products that help your hair woes:

i found some tutorials all over the web that
are quick easy and doable!
follow this link
to find a fun little slideshow 
here's what it has to offer, along with 
easy steps for 10 minute or less style:
there's hair ideas for:
long, short, medium,
wavy, curly, straight,
caucasian, african-american and asian

hopefully i can get over to my friends house today
and take pics of her doing her amazing ponytail.
until then
quick and easy hairdos!
make sure you have time to surf the web for a while.

Sep 22, 2010

hair week extravaganza 2010

today's very, very late post
is brought to you by

1. A good brush.
The higher quality your hairbrush, the healthier your hair. We've found the best brushes have rubber bases with boar's head bristles. These allow bristles to flex, cutting down on the damage to your hair.

2. The right shampoo for your hair type.
Shampoos work by cleansing hair of dirt and oil. Picking the correct shampoo is all about the ingredients. Extra tip: More shampoo is not better. All you need is a half-dollar-sized dollop, perhaps a bit more if you have long hair. And although it says on the back of every shampoo bottle, "rinse & repeat," you don't need to if you did a good job the first time around. Beauty experts tout Pantene as the best basic shampoo on the market. We tend to agree, having tried dozens of different shampoos from the fabulously pricey to the basics. Check out their various products from moisturizing to volumizing.
enSTYLEpedia side note:
i've heard dove is absolutely amazing too.

3. Conditioner.
Unless you have baby fine hair that goes limp at the sight of creamy conditioners, you need to a conditioner. Hair pros will tell you conditioner can help repair heat- & chemical-damaged hair. The truth is conditioners protect your hair from these things (and harsh brushings). More than conditioning, we like how conditioners have moisturizing agents that coat hair leaving it tangle-free. Want to spend less time brushing out long wet hair? Condition the ends. Your comb will zip right through.

4. A wide-toothed comb.
Never, ever, ever, never use a brush to comb out wet hair. That's why they call it 'combing out' - a wide-toothed comb is the only equipment that should touch your wet head.

5. Shine serum.
Here is where you may say, 'what?' But really, who would turn down a shiny mane if promised one? These shine serums really do work. If you have fine, straight hair, forgo the serums for the spray & don't use too much. Shine products will weigh down fine hair, so a quick spritz will do you. If your hair is thick, try the serums, which help smooth the hair & give it an added gleam, or just use more of the spray. Check out shine serums, from cheap ($5) to steep ($30). Women with fine hair should consider the shine sprays.

6. Dry shampoo OR talcum powder.
These shampoos are great for absorbing oil in between washings. Don't want to splurge on the fancy stuff? Here's what I do (having tried the fancy Bumble & Bumble powder): Talcum powder. Just make sure you go easy on your part & at the hairline. You don't want the powder to be obvious.

7. A blowdryer.
Never underestimate the power of a good blowdryer. The more powerful your dryer, the better. A strong blowdryer, like the pro favorite, 'Tourmaline,' (see compare prices link below) will speed drying time which reduces your hair's exposure to damaging heat. If you have thick hair, you'll want a dryer with at least 1,875 watts. Those with finer hair can make do with 1,500 watts.

8. Volumnizing mousse or spray OR straightening balm.
Volumizing products are a Godsend for those of us with fine hair. Spray it on your roots & voila! all of a sudden you have volume. Got coarse hair, skip this product & buy the balm, which will calm down those frizzies.

9. Rollers OR straightening irons.
If you’re like me, you spent many a night as a teenager sleeping with those fuzzy pink rollers wrapped in your hair. These worked great, but they were annoying to sleep in. Rollers have come a long way since then. Even coarse-haired girls can benefit from a good set of rollers. And remember, the longer your hair, the larger the rollers need to be. Don’t like rollers? Try a good curling iron. Curly girls, of course, can skip the rollers & invest in a high-quality straightening iron. Find one designed for your hair texture & flatten away.

10. Hairspray.
Hairsprays are a must for holding your style in place while also protecting your hair against humidity or even heat & UV rays. Don’t want helmet head like my Grandma (I call this look 'Grandma head') who still gets her hair done every week at the salon leaving it perfectly curled & fluffy for 7 days? Go for a flexible, soft-hold formula. For extra body, lift sections & spray close to the roots.

for the complete article
and price comparisons for each
of these products

Sep 21, 2010

hair week extravaganza 2010

how long have you had your
current cut and color?
if you're holding up more than one hand
of's time for a change.
honestly i think more than 3 years is
pushing it.
it's easy to get stuck in a hair
rut because you become comfortable
with how you look.
maybe when you first got the look
people said how great you look all the time
but do they still?
i have some exciting news for you:
hair grows back.
i know, you're in shock.
one more thing,
hair color is evolving and
changing with the times...your color should too.

of course with color i'm speaking to the girls
that do color their hair.
whenever i color my hair i color it the same color 
as my natural color,
mostly to get rid of my grey's.
(yes i have grey hair, i've had the little pests since i was 23)
i'm finally embracing my dark brunette locks
instead of trying to make them blonde.
(what is it with being blonde? frickin' America)'s fun to try new things.
especially if it's time for a change.

so first with color, here are the hottest trends 
via Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color
i found her fall/winter hair trends all over the web
(do people say web anymore?)
here are her tips for brunette's, redheads and blondes.
i'm not sure why there wasn't a black hair category.


"For my brunette clients, I plan to keep their base a dark chocolate truffle hue but you’ll see a lot of thick golden highlights starting from the mid-section of their hair. Let it be fun and flirty in the winter months to spice up your look, think Lily Aldridge for this look!"


"Va va voom color! Redheads this Fall/Winter will lean towards a single process tone, with no highlights just vibrant deep mahogany tones. For this must-have look of the season, think Julianne Moore. She has the most luscious shade of red that’s full of intense shine."


"The Fall/Winter blonde will be a California blonde with the base a shade darker to give some dimension to the look. The blonde locks will be light and golden to compliment your client’s look of the season. This look is so fun and can be worn from season to season! Think Kate Bosworth for this blonde shade, it pops on her and looks great with a red lip."

i'm toying with the idea of trying the brunette look.
it's fun and i could wear it for a few months.
changing your hair really is fun
and it keeps things interesting.
i challenge you to try a new color
or cut if you've had the same look for a while.
have long locks?
think about cutting off 4-6 inches.
have you had the same shape 
( style or shape at all?)
to your hair?
some razor sharp layers or bangs could be just the thing
to bring you into fall.
here are some cut, color and, style inspirations:

Sep 20, 2010

hair week extravaganza 2010

welcome, welcome.
your hair is key in your look.

you could be wearing the cutest clothes,
feel amazing and beautiful
but if your hair doesn't match
in equal awesomeness
then the whole look sort of
falls flat.

today, i'll be showing you trends in
hair for the fall 
giving some great tips
on easy steps to achieving
these hair trends.
of the trends for fall, i've chosen ones
that i think most women can achieve on their own.
i know a lot of my readers
are busy moms and my blog originated
for moms.
so i've picked hairstyles that i think
i could achieve with 5-10 minutes.

sleek hair trends are in the mix.
how do you achieve sleek without going greasy?
it's all about the products.
if this is a look you think you'll wear often
then i suggest buying a quality product.
my guess is if you by hair gel from the 
dollar store, it's going to look crunchy, greasy 
and flake white crap in your hair.
pics from: marie claire and instyle

p.s. for me personally to get this look
it takes me 30-40 minutes...i do not have naturally straight 
hair and it's thicker than the rain forest.
for straightening:
pin straight locks are hot for fall.
the smaller you make the sections you flat iron, 
the straighten your hair will be.
an extreme side part can be an easy way to 
update your look for fall.
tips via instyle mag for achieving this look:

Taylor Swift’s pin-straight strands “add an edge without taking away from her dress," says the singer’s stylist Jemma Muradian. "It's a smart look that goes well with fall fashion.”
STEP ONE Flip head upside-down and blow-dry hair. Gently rake hands through hair, but keep strands from looking greasy by limiting contact with the roots: "Touching your scalp causes it to release natural oils," explains Muradian.
STEP TWO Flat iron side-parted locks with one slow movement from roots to ends and spritz with hairspray.
my absolute favorite hairstyle
for fall is the high bun.
i have yet to get it perfected to wear
out in public. i need to get my fall
wardrobe ready before i can debut my awesome
fall hair so...that could be the real reason i'm procrastinating 
my tall bun-a-licious hair.
pics from: instyle, stockholm street style, elle

i think this look is best created with day old hair.
and it's going to be achievable
with medium to long lengths.
if your hair is fine or thing i suggest
wearing little buns or braids all over
your head the night before and sleep on it...maybe even
dampening it and adding a little product to it before you
bun or braid it for the night.
that can give you some texture and volume to work this
look the next day.
tips from instyle mag:

“This updo is everything that Vanessa Hudgens is: hip, current, casual and sexy,” says the actress’s stylist Bruce Wayne.

STEP ONE Apply thickening cream to damp hair and blow-dry with a large round brush for volume.
STEP TWO Mist-in shine spray. Pull hair into a high ponytail and secure with an elastic.
STEP THREE Gently wrap locks to form a bun and hold the updo in place with hairspray and "as many bobby pins needed to make it feel secure," says Wayne.

the last look for today is the tried and true classic
of all hair styles.
the ponytail.
somehow this timeless wonder shows up every season
with trendy updates.
this season the ponytail can be done high and sleek 
(like the above side part)
or low and loose. 
but the key
to rocking any style of ponytail is that it is styled.

sometimes it's hard to get the "messy waves" look 
without looking like, maybe you just woke up 
and put your hair in a ponytail.
although it may appear that way, these
loose pony's are styled and purposeful.
it's all about placement of your hair 
using products correctly.

“Elizabeth Banks’s look is carefree,” says her stylist Adir Abergel. “The texture doesn't have to be perfect—loose pieces and height give it a slight ‘60s vibe.”
STEP ONE Spray hair with texturizer and finger-comb strands as you blow-dry.
STEP TWO Center-part the waves and tease at the crown.
STEP THREE Spritz locks with gloss spray and pull hair into a ponytail, leaving face-framing strands loose. "A light mist of hairspray and you're ready to party," says Abergel.

i hope you were inspired by some of these
trends and can experiment with them.
later this week:
*cuts to flatter your face/hair
*hot color trends for fall
*a step by step guide (with pictures!) 
to a classic and sexy ponytail via one of 
my closest friends who always rocks an amazing pony
*taking the leap and finding a new style
*hair woes and cures
*styles for short, medium and long
thin, thick and wavy.

see you tomorrow.
you can still leave hair questions in the comments.

Sep 17, 2010

fantasy friday

sooo, i just realized it was friday.

anyway, do you guys watch project runway?
i've done a few re-caps on it this season.
but last night was the best.
i love mondo.
his use of color is a dream.
the outfit he created last night was amazing.
it is my fantasy right now
to have that outfit.
i would do anything for it, i loooooooove it.
the top, the skirt, the combo
of pattern and colors is so great.
p.s. it wont hurt my feeling if you don't love it.
when i was telling my husband how much i would
kill to wear that to church on sunday,
he looked at me like i was crazy.
that's fine.
bask in the awesomeness of mondo:

trends to try and summer to fall...

all over jcrew is the button down
tucked in one side and not the other:

o you think you could pull this look off?
my guess is you'd have to have a pretty nice stomach.
soooo, i wont be trying this...but if you've got a waist line
i say try it out...see how you feel.
i like it with the messy hair, 
it's effortlessly cool.

i've had a few questions about transitioning
your wardrobe from summer to fall.
the answer is layers.
i got my inspiration from jcrew for this whole post.
a trend to try for transitional wear
is tights under your shorts and add a scarf and blazer.
here's the look jcrew style:

i think this look is best pulled off with shoes that look like this:
these shoes are hot for fall. 
the oxford ankle, short boots and combat style shoes.

adding tights and light layers are always a great way
to wear some of your summer clothes in the weather 
transition to fall too.

with a summer dress, adding tights, fall inspired shoes
and a scarf or unbuttoned shirt on top
look chic and cool.
here's a dress with the tights
and combat style shoes,
she looks ready for september!

here are some of my own ideas:

be creative with what you have and 
look to thrift shops and goodwill/di
for good deals to keep it light
for your bank account.

happy transitional-summer-to-fall-weather-fashion!
(this is not a real holiday...said holiday was made up
for purpose of blog post. no holiday's were hurt in the
making up of this one)