Aug 31, 2010

easy fall look

ditch your hoodie sweatshirt for a blazer.

as comfortable as it is there is a blazer
counterpart out there that is just as comfy and warm.

that $18 blazer (from kmart!) is all over the internet.
not only because it's only $18 but it's a knit 
blazer, which means it's going to be just 
as comfy as a hoodie
but you're going to look so much more
put together
and on trend.

this is just as easy as putting on yoga pants a t-shit and hoodie.
i'm not telling you,
i'm showing you.
this is your mantra for back to school.
this is just as easy as putting on yoga pants, a t-shirt and hoodie.

will i look put together every school day to drop my daughter off?
will i try?
will there be days when we sleep in 
my daughter gets a pop tart for breakfast 
and we barely miss the bell?
yes...and I probably wont even have time for a bra on those days.
the days that i wake up on time:
i will wash my face
put a bra on
put on pants
a shirt
and a cute blazer/jacket
and pull on my boots
straighten my bangs
and brush my teeth
before i bring my daughter to school.
i challenge you to do the same.
and if you don't have kids or kids in school,
i challenge you to do this before you run your errands.
before you go to school.(which more than likely you're already doing)
before you join the world, take time for yourself.

some more ideas for the road:

Aug 30, 2010

emmy night

did you watch the emmy's?
i'm totally addicted to awards shows.
i'm the only one i know.
i dvr e! red carpet (it's the best one)
and the actual show...i could never watch an entire show
fast forwarding is a must.
i was hoping that claire danes would win for her role
as temple grandin and she did!!
have you seen it?
i think tonight's the last night it's on demand if you have
hbo and comcast.
amazing story, amazing movie.
temple grandin also one best movie/miniseries
supporting actress, supporting actor and director.
it was a great night and i was thrilled to see 
the the temple grandin was there with her mother.
so, onto the fashion, right?

i loooooved that tina's dress was completely modest,
once again!
she looked great too, i like the graphic beading...and i love oscar de la renta too.
lea michele also wore oscar in that gorgeous navy.
i loved kyra's dress...i wasn't totally in love with her hair...
i wish it was messy up so we could see the neckline of her dress better.
and i know january jones is getting a lot of flack for her dress
but i thought the color was phenomenal,
i that the structure was beautiful.
i didn't love her shoes...i think something lighter would have been
more special. i did like her weird messy, hair. 
i thought it was fun.

my other fave's:
i thought claire danes looked absolutely amazing and drop dead gorgeous!
i love the blonder hair but this was stunning.
i liked emma's dress, navy was the color!
and i looooved anna paquin's dress.
i called the mcqueen a mile away, she looked better on screen
than she does in this photo, she appeared talled and leaner on tv.
i love keri russell's pink dress, it was fun and girly and summery.
and it was still appropriate for the event.
and i know heidi is hot, we all do.
i love her, i think she's amazing.
but this dress that was maybe 24 inches in length was
it was ridiculous. i get you have the body of a 20 year old, 
but turns out,
you're not 20, you're 37...age appropriate dressing is a must.
this dress should have been 6 inches longer.

what were your thoughts on the fashion?
i can't wait to watch joan rivers tonight.
well, mostly it's just entertaining other times it's just plain mean.
i always wonder what these "experts" think.
the other night my husband said, 
"why does joan rivers have the power 
to say who dresses well? look at her?!"


project runway re-cap

who would have thought the team of overachievers would fail?
ehh, it's kind of expected, right?
all the big head designers on one team...
they were bound to over think it
instead of design, right?

it was sad that what's his name had to go...aj?
but honestly i think we all knew he wasn't going
to make it to the end anyway...i was pretty sure.
heck, even in his exit interview he said he didn't think he'd make it
i hate it when designers say that...then why did you come?
why are you here if you don't think you have a chance?
make room for people who want to be here.
whoa, i totally just had a little rant.
the best thing about the losing team
was seeing gretchen go from
"i love it, i stand behind it"
"there were a lot of issues, i'm embarrassed."
talk about trying to save your own.
also, michael kors' comment about the vest!!!
sooo good.
"that vest looks like something off the golden girls."

and the winning teams looks that i liked:

how did you think the teams fared?

Aug 27, 2010

fantasy friday

did you watch project runway?
i must say if you weren't drooling for military styles 
for the fall, you definitely are now! 
well, i am.
and you should be.

my fantasy this friday is all about military for fall
look on the left,
top- stella mccartney $795
jacket- balmain, $6,285
pants- matthew williamson, $3,030
shoes- gianmarco lorenzi, $690

look on the right.
top- thakoon, $390
jacket- rag & bone, $475
pants- current/elliot, $250
shoes- gianvito rossi, $1,125

ever want to find a look for less? especially after gazing at fantasy friday?
leave me a comment, for a look you want to see for less...much less!

Aug 26, 2010

your q's answered

hello ladies.
a lovely reader wrote in and asked about
working the work wardrobe:

I'm a part-time working mom as a speech pathologist. I can't wear jeans at the elementary school I work at. I get sick of wearing the same "business slacks" etc. I have tan pants, but I always feel frumpy when I wear them. Do you have any combo ideas using black slacks, gray slacks, and tan pants? I sure hope so. Thank you!

well yes, 
yes i do.

and for you newer readers, i'll mention that i like to give
collages so you get your own ideas, 
and find your own style.
of course i hope you find something that you love
and i always leave a link so you can find
the brand names and prices.
shall we start?
yes, yes we shall.

look for tops that have details:
ruffles, lace, scallops etc.
get tops that you really love, that show your personal style.
and don't forget about accessories,
belts (skinny and wide) 
brooches (i know it sounds old lady but, they are totally in)
scarves ( know what a scarf is)
and cardigans...a work looks best friend...
hey, a cardigan is anyone's best friend.

you can have your cardigan be an accent to a shirt 
you can have it be the main star.
i love all the colors of these sweaters, they are screaming fall fun!!
(oh fall, why can't thou come quicker?)

never underestimate the power of the white button down.
it really is a classic that every woman should
have in their wardrobe.
look at all the possibilities:

any trend and jewelry can be added to this basic
making it up to date in the matter of minutes.

looking for unique and fun tops?
modcloth is wear i would shop
if i had a job,

and all though the mention or dresses...well...wasn't mentioned.
never through it out as an option
maybe a dress doesn't work for what you do, 
but i couldn't help but put up these dazzling work wear finds.

a lot of these dresses are in the same boat as the button down.
you can add anything to these blank canvas dresses
to have them reflect your style.

i hope this gives you (q writer and other readers)
some fresh ideas and ways to play up
your work pants.
and don't forget that you may need to update your pants to
more modern cuts, that can help make you feel better in your clothes.

experiment with tucking in too and adding a skinny cute.

good luck.

if you have a question or want to know how to wear something
write anytime to:
[email protected]

Aug 25, 2010

wednesday webs

more vintage options anyone?
sometimes we live in 
places where the vintage options are...
or you have to be super lucky and patient.
(my girls don't give me a chance to be patient in a vintage store)
so, here's another option for you ladies,
that's her tagline.

the prices range from regular to $$$
i guess it depends on how bad you want something you see, right?
as usual.
here are a few of my favorites from her shop.
cute, right?
it's much easier for me to browse at home to find something 
i like than in a store.
plus the website is very well organized.
there are categories for era's and styles.
making my life much easier.

if you have a itch for something different,
and there's no good vintage near you
or you have little kids that don't let
you take the time to go through vintage racks...
never hurts to try something new.
happy shopping.

Aug 22, 2010

pj re-cap

i just realized that it would make more sense if it was a
pjr re-cap...or pr re-cap.

on with the show.
did you watch?
did you love the philip treacy hats?
i thought it was a really fun challenge,
and i was surprised by how uncreative a lot of the designers were.

my favorite was michael drummond's the structure of the top
along with that amazing orange skirt,
it was beautiful, like walking art.
which i thought was kind of the point, right?

the other outfit that was a non-winner that i liked was mondo's.
he is definitely unique and he completely 
has his own point of view. 
and i love it, 
i really, really do.
his color choices have been amazing so far!

and now for the winner and the loser.
first, the was surprising.
i didn't get it, it wasn't my favorite.
and the loser...i totally pictured this amazing chiffon, flowy ivory gown...
and she came up with black and stuffed with hot pink?
kristin kind of bugged me anyway...i think it was the last epi 
before this one and she didn't have a bra on...sick.
you're on tv, go ahead and strap it on.

and then there were the designers that 
i'm sure 
will be kicked off at any time.
one of which is peaches.
is she even in the same fabric store as everyone else?
it's like she can seek out the old fashion old lady fabrics.
her hat was amazing, she could have done a dramatic 
black and white gown with a pop of that electric green i love so much.
that's just my opinion though, 
what do you think of her looks and fabric choices?

and then april. oh, april.
how could she not see the giant depends she was making?
i just can't believe that she's so "into" her design that she
couldn't see the diaper.
i mean isn't the first thing tim says, "edit, look at it with an editing eye"
april deserved to be booted for these horrendous shorts.
no one but rhianna and gaga will ever wear these

what were your favorites?
and your least?
any highlights for you this episode?
it just keeps getting better and better.

Aug 20, 2010

fantasy friday

the fall season is almost upon us
and all i can think about is
the boots that i want.

since it is a fantasy...
these are all the boots i would get for this fall.
and yes,
there is a time and place for all of these boots.
i would wear them all.
i might even do a wardrobe change just to out on another pair.
or just sit around in my house 
on a rainy day 
in my muumuu
with these awesome boots on.

the grand total to live in my fantasy?

 check out the brands and prices here

Aug 19, 2010

guest post over at Or So She says...

i did a fun post on fall trends and how to wear them,
check it out at Or So She Says...
(one of my absolute favorite blogs...they literally have anything and everything a mom needs to know)
my post is here.

and if you're visiting from Or So She Says...
look around at some past posts and feel free to write in with any specific
questions you have (about fashion, your body type, how to wear,etc.)

Aug 18, 2010

fall trend: lace

a lace top seems kind of 80's/90's right?

how do you make it look more like this?
photo from 1912

well first of all, look around at pics in magazines and online
to see how this trend is done right now.
not 20 years ago.
(unless that's your style...then go for it).

here's a little slide show on lace for this fall, from marie claire click here
see how celebs are doing lace here on glamour.

it's all about finding cut, fit and style you like:
brands and prices here

brands and prices here

will you wear lace this season?
all over or bits and pieces?

brands and prices here

annacalista- you won the followers giveaway, you have until august 19th at 10pm to contact me with your info or another follower will be chosen. [email protected]

and the winner is...

if this is you email me at [email protected]
to claim your new earrings:

thank you, thank you, thank you,
to all of my followers
and all of the readers.
there will be another giveaway soon for all the fb fans...
so start spreading the word on facebook now!


i will announce the winner of these cute beauties:

later today.

i'm going to take the names of all my wonderful followers
and have one of my lovely daughters
draw it out of a bowl and that will be one of you lucky followers.
cross your fingers.

also...this is just the start of the giveaways...
next up, facebook fans.

Aug 13, 2010

only 3 followers away from the 
followers only giveaway
one of my lovely followers will
be picked at random
to receive these fun earrings.

fantasy friday

i wish i had all these actual pieces.
the boots, shirt and purse.
i wish i had the actual of all of those.
hoops: halleh boyd, $1200
ring: ylang 23, $3365
top: see by chloe, $335
jeggings: current elliot, $389.40
purse: chloe, $1495
boots: frye, $448
total: $7232.40

i think if i saved all of my money i could buy these boots next fall...

Aug 12, 2010

50 followers = a giveaway

hello ladies.
i have something special to give you.
a pair of fake pearl earrings
to set your fall season off right with the 
ever present 50's trend.

as soon as i have 50 followers i will choose one
of my wonderful followers 
to receive these fun little earrings.
game on.

Aug 11, 2010

wednesday webs

sometimes i wonder how i'd
look in a great proenza schouler dress...
or tracy reese...
how about some badgley mischka jewels?

welcome to existance
it takes about 5 seconds to set up a 
account and you can start
perusing the choices.
you can rent dresses by the occassion,
anything from:
work event to girls night out.
you can also specify if you want sleeves
or a certain color.
or even a certain rental price.
all dresses come with a second size
and a 4-day rental, plus it ships back
for free
and for $5 you can get insurance on the
dresses and jewelry just in case.
here are some choices:

tracy reese $50 rental

badgley mischka $35 rental!

matthew williamson $300 rental for a $2,450 dress!

 gryphon $50 rental.

dannijo $85 rental.

coralia leets $65 rental.

kenneth jay lane $25 rental.

pretty fun, right?! especially if you had a birthday coming up
reunion, any occasion really!

the only down side is that most of the clothes are meant for
very tiny people, in fact the scale
for the clothing only goes up to a size 12 but they
don't actually carry any size 12's right now.

it's pretty fun and it would be just as fun to get
an amazing designer necklace.
i'm sure if they grow with popularity and more
women get interested they'll be forced to carry more sizes.
go sign up, it's free and really quick.
have fun making up events you could wear some of 
these amazing gowns to!

Aug 10, 2010

tommy hilfiger, ny fashion week, runway to real way.

one of the fall trends, 
here's a look from tommy hilfiger for this fall
and i loooove it.
here's a great way to translate it.
click here for brands and prices

you could pull the skirt up and put the 
belt over the skirt
or where it just like the original.
i really love the last two taller boots.
so fun.

locks of love

i will post later today
right now
i'm off to bring my 6 year old daughter
to get her first real haircut
after watching the documentary
she's decided that she wants 
to donate her hair
i am so proud of her
and i'm also really going to miss her beautiful
i'm also 
so grateful
that she's letting another person enjoy
the beauty of her hair.

Aug 9, 2010

i feel it in my fingers...

i have a feeling that neon green is going to be 
this falls 

would you wear it?
i would die for that j crew cardigan.
or the scarves, 
love the idea of just a little neon to 
amp up an outfit.

pj re-cap

better late than never, right?
i had a busy weekend that you will hear all
about later today.

so the designers had to make an outfit that
embodied the marie claire woman
(i just want to say that i've been reading
marie claire for years now
and i love it because i always
learn about real world issues and
about's like
a smart fashion magazine and
since i don't really watch the news
it makes me feel like i'm still
informed about issues- the end of my plug.)
also, the winner
got their design out on a giant billboard
in time square!
so cool.

so here is the winner and the dress that i thought was
the most interesting...kimono sleeves 
seem to be everywhere lately.

i love the navy color of the jumpsuit...and did you see the final billboard?
first, that model was amazing that did the billboard ad
second, there were like 4 pics of the design...i felt so happy for gretchen!

and of course there has to be a loser.
there were two losers.
i love it when pj keeps me on my toes.
and can you blame them?
regardless of being a marie claire woman or not
i'm pretty sure no woman would be
caught dead in these designs.

who were your favorites this week?
did you think someone else should have gone?
honestly, i'm glad bowler hat guy is gone...he was pretty odd.

Aug 6, 2010

fantasy friday

i felt like an absentee parent with no post yesterday,
i was having fun with my family
(happy birthday dad)

so i have two things:
1. i'm shopping this weekend in portland (yay)
and i will be purchasing something super
cool and amazing to 
once i reach 50 followers...
sound good?
2. happy fantasy friday.
i went with hippie's my favorite genre.
i love this top, it reminds me of...
well, me.

top, one vintage: $1,405
jeans, 7 for all mankind: $315
shoes, stella mccartney: $660
bag, burberry: $7,000
earrings, aurelie bidermann: $1,295
total to be the hautest hippy: $10,675

Aug 5, 2010

have you seen this?

pic from emma watson fb page

do you love it?
i do.
i love you hermione, you're beautiful no matter
how you cut it.