May 31, 2010

i hope your memorial day is going awesome.
i really hope some of you got to go shopping.
i did.
the deals i got are going to blow your mind.
come back tomorrow to see the loot!

May 28, 2010

fantasy friday

hippie chic

total cost to be hippie chic?
dress, one vintage: $1,385
earrings, di shana: $4,125
ring, kabiri: $7,605
purse, simone harouche: $2,000
cuff, naga jewelry: $3,000
sandals, alaia: $2,090

May 27, 2010

i'm feeling the slump of the week today.
i am so excited to go shopping this weekend
(but i'm also really nervous i'm not going to find anything)
which may sound wierd but i was two
(that's right TWO)
sizes bigger last summer, 
so i literally have no summer clothes to wear.
i really hope i find something amazing this weekend.
i stayed up way too late last night
and i am feeling reaaaally tired this morning.
here are some summer looks
that i wouldn't mind having in my closet.

click here and here for the looks shown.

May 26, 2010

wednesday webs

i can't even express how much i love looking
for store i think you'd all like.
i've seen this site before
but had never actually clicked through to it.
if i know you...well i don't know all of you
but i feel like i know some of you
and it's impossible not to find
something you don't love at:

i like to think of ruche as a cross
between anthro and modcloth.
with pretty good prices, especially if you find something you love.

i just realized that the three dresses i picked are 
all in the same color pallette.
but trust me there are plenty of options.
(all though none of them are particularly long in length)

and different styles of tops is great too
here are some of my favorites.
their are some great accessories, i saw a belt
that i wanted super bad (only$10.99 too!)
but it was all sold out
(of course)
there were some really beautiful scarves
and the shoes...oh the shoes,
a lot of them were blowfish, and i love blowfish,
i've been a fan for a long time.
but the jewelry.
they had some great pieces
that i think really speak to individuals.
you could buy something that expresses your
style and i love that.
here are just a few that i really loved

if you love to sew or do paper crafts, 
how great would the scissor necklace be?
you could just wear it with a t-shirt and jeans
and you'd be able to express something you love through 
your style. that's the ultimate reason to get dressed,
to really express who you are.
i want that ring. it's perfect, it has everything in my opinion.
the bracelt, a great mix of feminine and hippy
the flower earrings, so delicate and beautiful (and only $9.99).

check ruche out, i think you'll fall in love.

May 25, 2010

tick tock, tick tock...

it's almost memorial day weekend.
i'm hoping for sales beyond my wildest dreams.
i can't decide if i want to:
a. go to portland
b. go to woodburn outlet mall
c. go to lincoln city outlet mall
if you're not from the willamette valley
then none of these matter to you, i'm sure.

decisions, decisions.

as i was putting things together i saw this jacket.

its not denim. its cotton. its light weight and perfect for summer.
this particular jacket is from moschino and is $200 (on sale)
but i'm pretty sure there's a jacket like this out 
in the universe that's waaaay cheaper.
(that could be a look 4 less post, hint hint)
this is a classic.
a perfect summer jacket.

lots-o-looks with this little number.

other outfits on my mind?
farmer's market.
i haven't been yet this season but 
i know i'll go once the weather gets better.
i love farmer's market, good food, music,
fresh veggies and fruit, 
a little water fountain play area for the kids
and lots and lots of dirty hippies.
it's the best.

i picture an easy summer dress in great summer colors
(mine would be paired with a light weight short-sleeve cardi)
great baggy torn up boyfriend jeans and an easy
tissue t in a great color.
it's all about the sandals for that look.
i love shoes.
i could buy a new pair of shoes everyday and still want more.
maybe if i bought new shoes for 6 months straight
then i'd have enough.
that is so sick and wrong.
just trying to keep it real people, i love shoes that much.

May 24, 2010

hodge podge

here's what's on my mind this fine monday...
clothing deets click here
i want to wear a monotone grey outfit, lots of blacks and greys,
mostly because i want to match the weather here.
but i sort of like the idea of 
wearing grey's in the summertime regardless.
and then 
some bright nail polish.
bright polish makes me happy...well it makes me smile anyway.
other thoughts this fine monday?
a bun in the oven.
not mine but yours.
i've had a couple readers ask for some maternity options.
clothing deets click here
after i chose the rings 
i realized that many soon-to-be-mommy hands
tend to be...puffier than usual.
luckily so many rings these days 
are adjustable...yay for expandable fashion.
that awesome bow vest would be worn with an undershirt...
(unless you are one sexy confident mama that wants to show off
her recently engorged ladies).
love that middle dress, right one trend.
and that floral tank? love.
is it just me or are there like a thousand 
new options in wearing shorts?
the high-waisted shorts of the
90's seems to be the "new thing"
along with 80's prints.
i am through and through a bermuda shorts girl.

short deets click here
what's your go-to? 
will you try the high-waist trend?
i think i'll definetly try some on, you know i always
encourage trying stuff on...
there's no rule that you have to buy it. 
plus you may love it,
and no one wants a lost 
opportunity to look awesome.
what are you thinking about this morning?

May 21, 2010


awesome deal, right?
at delias

fantasy friday

i heart marc jacobs.
these clothes above are marc by marc jacobs
(difference: price, marc is "cheaper")
the clothing is beautiful and flattering
it's different and it takes personality to pull it off.
here's a little collage of
some awesomeness,
including both marc jacobs and marc by marc jacobs line:
the "cheapest" thing up there is 
the earrings at $58
and the most expensive?
the yellow floral dress at $1,320
we could totally save for that turquoise zippered purse though,
it comes in at $360, if i saved a month of my
babysitting money, i think my husband
might kick in $'s obtainable.

May 20, 2010

and the winner is...

 thank you ALL for participating in
this giveaway!

i used
entered comments
and the winner is #47...

 congrats tia!!
(a reader from the beginning!!)

please send me your email, so i can contact csn stores.
 you have 24 hours to respond.

May 19, 2010

wednesday webs

 giveaway closing tonight
click here to still enter
you have till midnight to win!!
~ ~ ~

there are some fun clothes throughout
this website, mostly a couple of good finds.
here are some of my favorites.

i imagine that the variety of the clothes
comes in and out a lot
(hence the name 2 trendy)
just a new site to check out for some cute clothes.
happy wednesday!

May 18, 2010

just because...

all the twilight clothes at nordstrom's are actually wearable.
i'm pretty sure i'd wear those shirts,
ok, i'm 100% sure.
only the jacob ones.
see those make-up palettes?
yeah, the one by edward is called:
"team edward"
and by jacob?
"team jacob"
you can buy color palettes based on what
"team" you're on that day!
yesterday i had a red jacob t-shirt with the
cowboy boots, did anyone notice?
i think i may actually go to
nordstrom's and get that joke.
can't wait for the end of june!!!!!
yes, i'm a weird-o.

May 17, 2010

your q's answered

don't forget the giveaway, enter here

let's start the week off right...with lots of outfit ideas...
here's a query from a dear reader:

I love the new styles with cow boy boots. I would love to try it but I don't really know how to make it work, do you have any suggestions?

oh do i! 
i've totally been eying them as well.

when i think of cowboy boots i think of john wayne.
super manly, rugged, dirt and horses.
so to counter all that
man-vibe, add some girly elements.
outfit one, the sundress, perfect for this summer:

outfit deets here
i always picture cowboy boots with a great white eyelet dress.
it's the perfect pairing
(in my opinion)
you could make is super girly with some
feminine accessories, 
like the pink floral bracelets.
or make it a funky-fun outfit
with an enamel flower cuff.
(remember these are ideas, do your take on this outfit)

outfit two idea:
short boots. 
i think they look...interesting.
not that i wouldn't wear them, i would.
but it's a super trendy look and you'd have
to be confident to pull it off, and find the right look.
i think short boots with a dress,
either a "boy" colored dress
something cowgirlish
or a retro looking dress.
the other look could be retro looking shorts paired with
a 50's inspired top or retro top.

clothing deets here
if i wore the green dress with these boots
i'd put a modern cardigan with it, maybe a
boyfriend cardi with thick stripes.
something to contrast 
so it didn't look like a costume.
now with the retro inspred shorts/top look
the boots alone contrast this outfit.
you could really play up your girly side
or some vintage finds, if that's a look you love.
i put in the madras top with the jeggings
because if you have the guts to try it,
it would look super cute.

lastly a few more looks to get your creative juices flowing.
tall boots with jeggings and fun shirts
skirts with casual t-shirts.

clothing deets here
hopefully one of these looks speaks to your 
inner fashionista.

don't forget, 
try on lots of boots
till you find the pair you love.
you might find your perfect pair at
goodwill or dsw, 
never rule anything out.

good luck on your cowboy boot journey.

May 14, 2010

delias- 20% off entire purchase end 5/17
code: OCEAN20

jcrew- extra 20% off for the next three days, online only
code: EXTRA20

enter the csn stores giveaway here

fantasy friday

don't forget to enter 
the $20 csn stores giveaway here

ahhhh, fantasy friday.
here's my fantasy shopping trip with a friend.
in my imagination we're totally wearing 
these amazing clothes on rodeo drive.
do you love it?

this fantasy is two-fold.
one: my bff gets to come with me and we're dressed
in ridiculously expensive clothes
two: i actually fit into these clothes
the grand total for these two outfits?
floral outfit breakdown:
earrings:$1,175 -tiffany & co.
top:$1,030 -marni
jeans:$395 -d&g
bag:$1,900 -jil sander
flats:$1,030 -lanvin

white outfit breakdown:
earrings:$1,600 -ylang
top:$1,090 -oscar de la renta
jeans:$500 -citizens of humanity
bag:$2,895 -versace
heels:$1,010 -ysl

i do love to live in the fantasy.

May 12, 2010

wednesday webs {closed}

i mention csn stores yesterday,
over 200 online stores
from led lighting to fitness equipment!

csn stores is giving away a $20 gift certificate to ANY of their stores.
that's right, any.

here's how to enter:

mandatory entry: visit csn stores
and find something you love,
leave a comment on this post.
(it wont be hard, there's about a billion things i want)
(p.s. this may take you a while)

please leave a comment for each entry:
3 entries- become a public follower of enSTYLEpedia
2 entries- "like" enSTYLEpedia on facebook AND update your status with this giveaway
2 entries- put my button on your blog OR a link to enSTYLEpedia 
on your blog (leave your blog address)
3 entries- blog about this giveaway with a link back to this post
(leave your blog address)
5 entries- write enSTYLEpedia with:
your q's answered
how to wear
look 4 less
pick one of these and email me, i'll email you back and then 
you can enter 5 times into this giveaway.

this giveaway will end on may 19th at midnight.
good luck, you have till then to be entered up to 16 times!!
winner will be chosen using
and will be announced on may 20th.

dress your best- legs, hair, eyes

i didn't really leave the house yesterday
excpet to go play basket ball
and i'm 1,000% sure that outfit was not flattering.
i decided to showcase my 
and eyes today.
i didn't really "do" my hair in these pics
so i guess that's why i like my hair
(most days)
i don't really have to do anything with it
and it does the "just got out of bed" look
but i can also straighten it and it looks 
super mod.
in this pic i'm wearing:
boyfriend t: target
undertank: charlotte russe
skirt: old navy
sandals: clarks via tj maxx
headband: zida

making sandals work for you.
i love the comfort of
bad slops and having something in between my toes
it feels like a security blanket.
but these are cute, right?
i think they are:
(ignore man toes)
and an extreme face close up
this is the best way i thought
to showcase my hair and eyes.
those are all my's why i love my eyes
my lashes are long and thick.

stay tuned for wednesday webs 
a giveaway

May 11, 2010

start your engines ladies...

imagine a site where there are over 200 stores at your finger tips.
oh it's real.
from the latest modern furniture and decor
to LED lighting, dressers, shoes and handbags!

has. it. all.
you could lose yourself in the browsing.
i encourage you to head over and start looking now
i see a giveaway in your future.

she's got legs...

yesterday i dressed my legs for the dress your best challenge.
i have to admitt when i was younger 
i loved my legs.
i knew without doubt they were 
one of my best assets.
they aren't what they use to be
but i still love them, and i can still
get a compliment or two every once in a while.
so here's how i dressed my legs up:
not what you were expecting, right?
i bet you thought i was going to wear a skirt.
well, i thought skin tight pants would be even better.
plus i added my 4 inch wedges to make my legs look even longer.

so the big question is, do you want to elongate your legs too?

well you're in luck.

capri's can cut the length of your leg in half
i know they're comfortable
and i'm not saying to not wear them
because i'm pretty sure i'll buy some this summer
but if you want your legs to look longer, capri's are not the way to go.
any sort of height you can give your leg
will make them look longer too.
a 1 inch wedge can make a difference.
shorts, skirts or dresses cut above the knee will add inches to your leg.
believe it.i
click here for clothing deets
i used nude/tan colored sandals because they can elongate your leg too, 
these colors can blend in with your
natural skin tone giving the appearance of legs that:
just don't quit

May 10, 2010

participation is key

hello lovlies.
what was your weekend like?
mine was
on sat i:
 planted my new garden with my family
(my mother's day present!)
went to the party store
grocery store
decorated my mom's house for a surprise party
(her 50th)
went to return some clothes
(and got two of those dresses i've been wanting for-ev-er)
got gas
stopped at another store for a cake
went home and took a quick nap
surprised my mom
went home and put my kids to bed!
on sunday:
got woken up with strawberry and banana crepes with whipped cream
and sprinkled with powdered sugar
(yes, it was as amazing as it sounds)
wore one of my new dresses
felt beautiful.
my daughter read to me and then we napped together
had pigs 'n a blanket for dinner
then my daughter puked...
it was actually kind of the perfect end to the day.
my family had been serving me all day and to take care of them
made me feel like,
"this is what being a mother is all about"
it was the best mother's day i've had.

back to the clothes.
so i took academichic's challenge for dress your best week
the basic concept is:
pick the 5 things that you love about yourself
and accentuate them this week.
so you'll be seeing a lot more of me on this blog
i challenge you all to dress your best this week too.
it's kind of fun to think about the things you love about you
and that's what it's all about on enSTYLEpedia,
feeling good about you.
so my five were:
my hair
clavicle bones
yes, i'm aware that clavicle bones is weird, but i really like mine.
i think clavicle bones are sexy.
my pic is what i wore yesterday...but i didn't get a pic of it
so this is me about 30 minutes ago, fresh out of bed
so if i don't look super glamourous
it's because i haven't even showered.
i love this dress because:
it totally shoes off my clavicle bones
and just enough leg for me.
 this is my morning face.
clavicle bones
oooh, and a couple weekends ago
i went to eugene (if you remember)
and these are the shoes i got at
tj maxx, aerosoles, and the feel like walking on clouds.
no joke, i think i could run in these shoes.

a few of you asked about the dress i have on so here's my little review on it:
i got one size larger than i usually wear because my rib cage is large.
it's comfy.
the length is perfect, it's between above my knee and in the middle of my knee, 
it's stretchy enough that when i sit i can pull it to cover my knee.
the top is a little low cut so i wear a tank underneath it because if i bend or move i'd be showing
off all my business upstairs, plus the tank helps with making it more opaque.
the pockets are cute but are a little bit bulky, i ironed them and it didn't really make a difference. 
i'm considering cutting them out and sewing them shut (on my blue dress).
overall, i'm really happy with this dress, it makes me feel stylish and when it gets even warmer out i don't have to wear a cardigan with it because it has sleeves! i went to old navy this weekend with the $15 dress special and got two of these dresses, $30 for two (mostly modest) dresses is great.
hope that helps.
i love these dresses, totally recommend them.

May 7, 2010

fantasy friday

i've loved dior for a long time.
it all started one day when i was young and my mom
gave me an old slip to wear
it was a christian dior slip.
my mom had no idea she had this amazing vintage slip.
i stared at the signature embroidery, touched the little dior tag,
i couldn't believe my mom had a designer slip!
i've held onto it for all these years,
i never wear slips but i made sure it came with me
wherever i went after i left home.
it may be the closest thing i ever get to dior or couture.
(hey that rhymes)

that's why this friday's fantasy is 
christian dior.
and because i was shocked at the
amount of mostly modest dresses that were available.
not that i have thousands of $ lying around
(cause i totally don't)
but if i did i could buy an amazing dress 
and it wouldn't need to be altered (mostly)

pretty modest, right?
indulge in the fantasy.

May 6, 2010

summer fun

i feel like summer is a season that you can play with clothes
mix prints, wear bright colors, try a super trendy-trend.
and no one will judge you.
that could totally be untrue.
people might judge you up and down if you rock some
hot pink leggings and a mesh shirt,
but i feel like there's more leeway in the summer, right?
don't you think so?
my goal this upcoming summer season is to mix prints.
i love polka dots, so i found a couple skirts and mixed them with
some fun shirts that i wouldn't
normally put together.
find the clothes~ click here
all the shoes above are from payless, 
is it just me or has payless really stepped it up in the last 5 years?
i especially love the middle look,
it's really young and fun.
i'm young and fun...
...i think...
i'm going to go to one of my favorite thrift shops today,
hopefully, they have wierd hours, if not today then tomorrow.
i hope i get lucky.
i can't wait for warmer weather!!

May 5, 2010

wednesday webs

i'm kind of excited about wednesday webs today!
i found this super fun accessories store online.
their tagline is "for girls of all ages"
which i totally love!
the thing that i truly love is that they have tons 
of categories to choose from on their sidebar,
rings...under $2
vintage finds!
those are just a few of the many, many categories.
you can go and find exactly what you're looking for!
time saver.
here's a little taste of the awesomeness available:
do you love it? you're totally intrigued...i knew it.
there's literally something for 
everyone's taste in accessories.
i love the fake glasses! 
sometimes it's really fun to 
have a funky accessory like that on hand, 
it can really add to the look you're going for...
plus, it's just fun!
check them out.

animal kingdom

have you notcied animals and bugs are everywhere?
i'm not talking nature.
insects, mammals, reptiles...anything and everything 
i particularly love it all over jewelry.
i found some outrageously priced jewelry with this trend,
because it's more fun to think people in
the world actually pay
thousands of $$$
for jewelry, when savvy shoppers like us can 
just go to the local forever 21 and pick it up 
for mere dollars.
see those cicada earrings?
those are at modcloth and i really want them
(hence the reason i wrote that i really want these)
do you like it?
not the cicadas necessarily but the whole idea of
the animal kingdom all over jewelry?
 cheap versions of the animal kingdom trend.
you know how i feel about cheap jewelry
it's a blessing.
be trendy without shelling out this months rent.
wallet friendly jewelry deets here

May 4, 2010

all right, all right or is is alright, alright?

i totally don't know which one is right
or if they are supposed to be used in different contexts.

just in case you didn't believe me
i'm about to expose my greasy "inside"
face, hair and clothes.
i can't believe i'm putting this nasty picture up...
i must really love you guys..

you'll notice i'm wearing everything i said i was:
wrinkly unflattering tunic
house shoes
greasy face
and ratty hair

now i was going to go to the store real quick to get 
some ingredients for dinner tonight
so i put some "outside" clothes on
(fyi: i'm not claiming i look amazing in this pic
or even fashion forward...but i am saying that i care enough not 
to torture people by looking like the above pic)

what i did:
kept leggings on
added a denim skirt,
white t-shirt,
put my hair up and fixed my bangs, added the headband
and a fleece...because, you're not a true oregonian unless you have a black fleece.
i know this look isn't very "springy" but
a. it was a 5 minute trip (that didn't end up happening)
b. it's cold where i live

ok, that's my example for "inside" mom versus "outside" mom
trying it out is the first step.

my personal anthem

i don't know tons about george harrison
besides the fact
i'm pretty sure he unknowingly wrote every womans anthem
to shop.

i can relate this song to anything in the world that i want to buy:

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you

But it's gonna take money
A whole lotta spending money
Its gonna take plenty of money
To do it right child

Its gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
Its gonna take patience and time, ummm
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it,
To do it right child

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you

And this time I know it's for real
The feelings that I feel
I know if I put my mind to it
I know that I really can do it

I got my mind set on you
Set on you
I got my mind set on you
Set on you

But it's gonna take money
A whole lotta spending money
Its gonna take plenty of money
To do it right child

Its gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
Its gonna take patience and time, ummm
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it,
To do it right child

I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you
I got my mind set on you

And this time I know it's for real
The feelings that I feel
I know if I put my mind to it
I know that I really can do it

But it's gonna take money
A whole lotta spending money
Its gonna take plenty of money
To do it right child

Its gonna take time
A whole lot of precious time
Its gonna take patience and time, ummm
To do it, to do it, to do it, to do it, to do it,
To do it right

Set on you
Set on you
trust me, if i'm let loose the collages will go on for days. 
and days.

 do you find this to be your anthem?


right now i'm wearing leggings
(i'm pretty sure they are see-through)
and a long wrinkled tunic
with house shoes.
(my husbands house shoes)
these are my inside clothes.
i'm not going to be totally put together when i'm inside doing:
making snacks
if i plan on going out, i will put on my outside clothes.
which would consist of some type of pant, like jeans or jeggings
(i might actually keep leggings on...just swap for opaque ones)
a top that's flattering, 
and it's still cold where i am, so probably my knee high boots.
earrings and/or a necklace.

are you doing inside and outside clothes?

when you're in your home it's a safe zone.
you can't be "on" all the time and your home is where you can relax.

once i have my outside clothes on, i keep them on for the rest of the day.
with the exception of ditching my shoes for house shoes.

don't push yourself to look amazing all the time.
you'll get frustrated and tired...also 
your feet might hurt.
be comfortable in your home with your clothing.
i'm never saying to ditch your yoga pants (or sweats)
i'm saying ditch them as your outside clothes.

outside clothes don't have to be complicated or uncomfortable.
try it. you might like it.    - yo gabba gabba

May 3, 2010

don't mind if i do

hello ladies! how was your weekend?
mine was awesome because:
a. i got to go shopping
b. i got to go shopping
let's face it, it doesn't take a lot to please me.
i'll model some of my finds throughout the week 
but today i'm guest posting over at
i mentioned them over the weekend, 
chandra has created her blog devoted to 
modest fashion and were to find it!
(thank you chandra)
my guest post is all about finding modest swimwear,
and if you're here from momomod
~ welcome ~
you can check out my previous
posts on swimwear labeled, swim suit week.
feel free to email or comment
with any fashion questions.
you can check out previous posts
labeled, your q's answered to see what other women have asked about
and i also have how to wear, if you have something
in your closet you don't know what to do with
or if there's something out there in the 
fashion world that you want to wear but you're not sure how you would wear it.
(hence the name, how to wear)
thanks for stopping by and looking around.
i hope you come back often!