Apr 30, 2010


i'll be guest posting over at momomod on monday
it's a great blog dedicated to modest fashion.
chandra is hosting a great giveaway from modcloth and it is ends monday!!
head over and enter to win a $5 giftcard to modcloth
did i mention there will be 5 winners!!
click here to go directly to the post.


this weekend, fri-sat-sun extra 30% off everything in the store.
(only select items online)

free shipping at delias for purchases over $25

baby legs discount code babylegs.com (stock up on baby shower gifts)
50% off $50or more

extra 20% off on sale items at jcrew (expires today!)

fantasy friday

shoes are my weakness.

clogs are "in"
yeah, i'm not so sure i'm going to hop onto that trend.
if i could find clogs that look like the top right then i would buy them
but i'm guessing the reason those shoes are $495 
is because they are amazing.
and those sparkly
mary-jane flats.
oh yes. 
they are blowing my mind with awesomeness.
love. it.
there's more fantasy friday to come...too many choices today.

Apr 29, 2010

strawberry cream cheese

doesn't that sound super yummy?
it's what i imagine when i see these clothes...
maybe i'm just hungry.
pastels are always so soft and feminine, 
nothing screams girly more than wearing a color 
that starts with "light" or "baby"
click here for clothing deets
i've said it before, when you're wearing something frilly and feminine 
you want to counter that with something either:
structred (if its flowy)
along those lines.
like outfit 1, the great floral dress, pretty head band and fun wedges, paired
with the structured blazer.
outfit 2 has a pretty structured dress (meaning, it's not overly feminine), 
it has a little bit of a sailor detail with the rope which is a little unexpected and fun
the shoes are a masculine color, 
plus they have fun ruffles on the heel 
and the yellow headband is too fun.
outfit 3 reminds me of the movie, 
crap, what's it called? the one with dakota fanning and queen latifah...
something, a bee makes honey? 
let me google it...AH! the secert life of bees, that's it!
ok, this outfit reminds me of dakota's character in that movie.
i love the look of this ruffled floral t-shirt and straight dark long shorts, so modern.
i love both of these shoes with this outfit, and the straw hat is super cute and functional!

click here for clothing deets
my favorite outfit is the last one. 
it's the one that i would definitely wear as is.
i like the pieces of the 1st outfit, i don't think i would wear them all together...maybe. 
i love the idea of this flowy top and painted holy capri/shorts.
and the second outfit, i love the shirt. love. it.
and i love the jeans.
maybe it's the shoes...maybe i don't love them with this outfit, all though they totally go...
sometimes things don't come together pieced together like this.
in my mind when i picture someone in it, it totally works.
who knows though, right? that's why i always say:
try on, try on, try on.

i like the thinking about wearing pastels...
and lets face it, 
i love florals, the more grandmotherly the better.
would i wear pastels? i bet if i found something that i looked mind blowing in
of course. 
how could i pass that up?

Apr 28, 2010

wednesday webs

coconut, mango, strawberry
introducing papya clothing.
you may have stumbled upon this site whilst perusing the web
or then again, maybe not
either way, there are some good deals to be had.
when you want to do a trend, spending the 
least amount of money possible is always the first choice
(for me)
there are amazing deals to be had at papya
they ship withing two business days
shipping is free over $75
go in with a friend and you two get free shipping!
not only do they carry some of the latest trends
they have some great basic pieces for everyday wear.

see, amazing deals.
happy browsing.

do you have something online that you're in love with...
but don't exactly have the cash to shell out for it?
send it to me in an email and i'll see if i can find a look 4 less.

Apr 27, 2010

la bamba

maybe it's just me.
(totally possible)
but i'm in love with breezy, gauzy, embroidered, tiered, mexican inspired wonderfulness.
it could be my genealogical roots calling out to me
(i'm totally 1/4 mexican)
or my inner hippy
chipping away at my non-organic stomach contents
i'm in love and inspired by all things mexicano
(that's pronounced meh-he-con-no...a little bit of knowledge for you)

you can find an array of choices
from tribal, mexican and native.
what do you think? do you love a little bit of mexico? or opt out?

adding and subtracting

trends are fun.
it's fun to see people rock a trend well.
it's painful to see it overdone.
~ ~ ~
there are about a million trends going on right now
and here are a few and how to do them
without overdoing them
purple, boyfriend clothes, gladiator wedges, sailor, stripes

shopping deets click here
ok, outfit one, we have an oversized boyfriend tee and the boyfriend jeans.
when you have a couple of masculine inspired things on you want 
people to remember you're still a girl
a gorgeous woman.
adding a girly component (like a floral cuff) brings your outfit to the next level.
and then the gladiator wedges,
these will make your legs appear longer, leaner and what's sexier
than a woman rocking an amazing heel? 
(the answer is nothing)
~ ~ ~
the second outfit is more like a comfy look for grocery's, or weekend wear.
i think i'm going to go to old navy 
this weekend 
and buy this skirt in a ton of colors.
lately i'm obsessed with casual skirts and dresses.
back to the outfit, a simple tee with this easy jersey skirt = love.
adding these great stripey flats, add a little texture to the
outfit and then picking a trend 
(like the sailor one) and adding shine and visual interest, 
nothing does this quite like a necklace 
(in my opinion)
~ ~ ~
there you have it, two spring/summer looks 
showcasing trends done
simply and sophisticated.

Apr 26, 2010

button, button, who wants a button?

i'm so smart.
ok, not actually, but i made a button today.
i did it.
with the help of google and amazing computer advanced peeps willing to bestow their knowledge for free.
so click through google reader readers and grab my button for your blog.
and let me know what you think about it, lame? 
could be cuter but i'll work on that later.
i also revamped my blog, i made it simpler until i can get an appointment with the 
blog designer of my dreams.
i re-designed my template to a 3 column.
i'm so tech savvy today it's blowing my own mind.
thank for reading, 
i love and appreciate all my readers and let me know what you want more of!!
please, email, comment, let me know what you want to see.

monday's remind me

not to forget...
hepcat dress

swimsuit week wrap up

sorry for the lack of ending to swimsuit week.
my husbands birthday was this week
and he took friday- 
anytime my routine is different i have a hard time doing my norm.
anyway, happy birthday sweet husband.

ok back to reality.
i hope swim week was helpful to get you motivated to find the suit for you.

i had a question this weekend about feeling comfy in your suit 
out of the pool (ie: waterpark, sprinklers etc)
what i usually do is wear either a tank or a light t-shirt (tissue tee) and shorts.
ideally i'd love to have a cute pair
of board shorts but i have yet to 
find them, if you find some let me know!!
this year though, i'm going to get a super cute
dress as a cover-up. there's about a thousand 
choices at a thousand different stores near you.
here's a collage of covers:
(p.s. a sarong is old school, choose one of these)
click here for clothing deets

just in case you missed it
body type shopping for swim tops here
bottoms here

places to check out for swim:

Apr 22, 2010

eyedeas 2.0

click here for shopping details

even more...

click here for shopping details

swimsuit week eye-deas

see what i did there?
i know, i'm super inventive.
anyone else super excited for the project runway finale tonight?
i'm rooting for seth aaron, he's my favorite person in the
competition and i LOVED his mother daughter outfit
(mostly the daughter, my daughters would love this look, i wanted to buy it!)
ok, back to the eyedeas (i crack myself up!)

Apr 21, 2010

separates: top it off

the top can be the making or breaking component to your swimsuit.
if you're sporting over a b-cup:
thicker straps
halter style
bra style that has under-wire or adjustable straps
if you have a smaller bust:
if want to appear bigger, 
go for volume on top,
you can wear any strap style
but don't do bandeau
padding is your friend.
if you are a pear shape:
look for details on top and v-neck styles, 
that will bring attention up top.
wide shoulders:
a style that's wider on the bottom (ie: swim skirt)
rounder belly:
look for a top that has support
and structure.
a top with a corset like lining
a print will disguise lumps and rolls, bigger prints are pulled off better on bigger girls
smaller prints for smaller girls.
long torsos:
lucky you, there are plenty of long torso styles 
available now.
lands end, delias and swimsuits for all just to name a few.
now for some tankini top ideas:

as for all shopping you know the mantra:
"try on, try on, try on"
till you find something you love and are completely comfortable in.
don't forget to browse a stores website, sometimes you can find more online.
you can go to store and try on to get an idea of your size,
get online and read the reviews, 
find out if something you like can be sent to your store
or is at a store near you...
don't be afraid to buy online, 
all major stores have a great return policy, especially with swimsuits!

click here for shopping details

separates: bottoms up

in the world of swimsuit separates there is an array of choice
you can put together an individual suit
that fits your body.
almost all sites online offer separates just for this purpose.

from board shorts to skirts
and basic to supported.
i have a feeling you already know what type you'd be most comfortable in.
and we already discussed yesterday
that if you have thicker thighs wearing a higher cut bottom
will lengthen your legs.
and something with ruching (like the bottom pink boy shorts) 
will create curves on the bottom if you have 
more of a straight shape on the bottom, 
anything with volume or 
ruffles on the bottom will add illusions of curves.

click here for shopping details

Apr 20, 2010

i like big butts...and thighs.

  • all though boy shorts offer more coverage they make your junk look wider
 having a bottom with a higher cut can ellongate the leg and a v-neck style top
will draw the eyes upwards
now. if you have a bigger bum a swim dress can help hide it.
if you have bigger thighs a swim dress will make your thighs look bigger.
if you have both stick with a higher cut (above) and v style top.

small on top

i was trying to think of something clever
but small on top is pretty straightforward.
  • wearing details and volume on top will give the appearance of something more
  • almost all swimsuits come with padding...it's not your enemy, unless it's cheaply made
  • look for something that has adjustable straps, then you can get it closer to the body
  • seperates are also your friend, then you can get a smaller top to fit you the best
suits are from:

remember as with all my collages and posts
these are ideas 
so when you are swimsuit shopping you know what to look for.
something i'm not answering? comment below or drop me a quick email and i'll answer it at the end of the week...before swimsuit week 2010 is over!

wait, wait, wait

before we get started.
i want you to know a little secret
 what you feel are your
"problem areas"
no one else notices.
shocking, i know.
hard to believe?
it shouldn't be.
for all you moms out there,
if you are out with your kids in your swimsuit,
i'm going to assume you are somewhere where other people are also in 
their swimsuits with their kids.
the last thing on your mind is probably analyzing what people
look like in their suits, right?
well, that's the last thing on other people's minds too.
be with your kids.
enjoy them.
they get too big too fast.
swimsuit week is here to help you find a suit that enhances the things you do love about you.
(this applies to people without kids too)

Apr 19, 2010

i'm baaAAaack...

it's time:
swimsuit week 2010...10...10...10...10.
all right, who's pumped? yeah, me too.

step one: work on what you want to work on now...not in june.
              example a: my arms are what i'd like to call, "soft from winter season" aka, packing some cellulite.
also, my upper legs...not so pretty. as of now there are zero people (besides my dear husband) that i'd like to look at all my glory. so, the work needs to start now. 
step one: start some little work outs now 
on your "problem" areas.
if you do something for 20 minutes 5 times a week 
(i know, that's asking a lot...
note: amount of time spent on said exercise 
depends on how bad you want to look good 
in your suit)
you will look noticeably better and feel noticeably better in your swimsuit.

step two: wax or shave? you decide. seriously, i can't make that decision for you but you should start whatever regime now so your legs, pits and bikini line can look their best.
to shave or wax, that is the question:

i'm on a wax pits, shave legs routine right now.
i thought i would wax the bikini line...
but when i think back 
to the pain of winter '09
i don't think it's going to happen.
i'd rather invest in special shaving cream
and a baby razor for that sensitive area.
if you have the strength for waxing
more power to you.
step three: prepare your skin.
now i'm not going to give the 
sun cancer spiel, 
you know it, 
we're educated.
with that said, i still really want to go tanning...
i know, it's wrong on a lot of levels but i don't care.
just in case you can't read my little funny it says:
"tan lines from typical summer activities"
l-r: water-skiing, mountain biking, scuba diving, rollerblading, computer programming and tennis

ok, these are the options, choose the right one for you.

step four: the suit. the suit. we will find the suit this week at  
swimsuit week 2010...10...10...10...10
welcome ladies, 
breath in the (imaginary) salty ocean air,
feel the (imaginary) warm breeze 
and get ready to dive into summer.

Apr 16, 2010

fantasy friday

here comes the sun...
at my house anyway, i hope it's sunny wherever you are too.
next week will be 
swim week 2010  
(said in a super loud announcer voice)
until then, lets fantasize about oversized sunglasses.
have a great weekend. 
let me know if there's something specific 
you want to see for swimsuit week 2010

Apr 14, 2010

wednesday webs

not everything on this site is ok to wear.
mostly some of the jeans are super tacky and 
are meant for teenage girls to make the same fashion mistakes 
that we made when we were their age.
all right, introducing go jane
there's some good finds hidden within the go jane site, here are a few of my favorites:

you can't deny the prices. some are amazing, those sunglasses are only $4.80!! 
at that price you could get a few pairs,
for when your two year old ineveitably brakes them
(happened twice in one summer...that was $40 down the drain, i wish i knew about these)
i love those bermuda shorts too, perfect length and cut.
they also have fun shoes at great prices.
i think we all know how much i love shoes:

i love the idea of trendy shoes at super cheap prices.
it means you can get more pairs for the same as one expensive pair.
even if they are poor quality, you're wearing them for what? 3 months tops?
if you bought a $15 wore them two times a month
for three months that's only $2.50 cost per wear, $2.50?! 
that's less than what some people are paying for milk! 
it's definetly less than gas.
i'm glad you see it my way.
there's a coupon code on top of the home page for free shipping for
oders over $50. this is wear your friends come in.
go look at the site together, then if you both get stuff 
($50 is easy to spend, especailly if two people are shopping)
you can combine your order and get free shipping.
that's what friends are for...getting free shipping, and other stuff.
have fun looking at go jane, and don't get caught up in the teenager clothes
remember how old you are, 
not everything on this site is up for grabs.
have fun, let me know if you get anything.

Apr 13, 2010

good morning to you

i love all my readers.
and i love it when i get emails from you too!
a lot of my friends in real life are readers too, thanks friends.
and one of my friends sent me a link to this great site that i knew i had to share with you as soon as i saw it.
(pronounced say-ko)
a company that's working with young women of uganda to earn money for their continued education
 for a better version of their story go here
once you buy the sandal and strap of your choice ($40 for solid, $42 for patterned)
 you can buy additional straps for your sandal ($9 for patterned and $7 for solid)
 and the best part?
you can tie the straps a ton of different ways!
cute sandals
styled your way
and supporting an amazing group of women earn money for university.

sweatshirt chic

i think we all know i'm the last person to advocate for a sweatshirt.
there is always an exception,
if it works.
and for some, it really works.
i was reading elaine's blog clothed much yesterday and
she had on this great outfit that totally inspired me!
go to her site to see all her cute poses
(you can also see her shoes a lot better, they are black flats)
when i saw this outfit i thought,
this works. really works.
and perhaps you can totally make this look work too.
for me this would be a great lazy afternoon type look,
comfy and cute.
this would be great for running errands and everything else...
as long as you don't get too sloppy!
here are my ideas:

add your favorite cross body bag and you're ready to go.
since the sweatshirt is not super feminine and neutral, 
to amp it up and make it feminine add a skirt.
i think having some sort of hair accessory is key in this outfit too.
if you don't think you can pull the straw hat off as well as elaine (amazing)
try a fun or girly headband or clip.
an easy spring outfit that you can put your own spin on
to reflect your personal style.
so what do you think? would you wear a version of sweatshirt chic?

Apr 12, 2010

what, what?

welcome to recessionista readers, 
feel free to look around at past postings
and drop me line if you have 
a specific question.
and to my regular readers, head over to Recessionista,
i'm guest posting over there
today with some of their great accessories
and cute jeans!

Apr 9, 2010

fantasy friday

sometimes i wish i had a reason to wear a gown.
i'm pretty sure there will be no reason in my whole life to ever purchase or wear a gown.
which i'm totally fine with.
but wouldn't it be fun?
i even found a modest one by antik batik walice ($970)

don't you love it? that's navy chiffon on the sleeves. 
navy. chiffon.
so great.
on net-a-porter they paired this gown with these sandals by burberry prosum ($475).
i love the idea of sandals with this gown.
then i found this little clutch by judith leiber ($2,495), and a pic of a model wearing like a cross body purse...
are you kidding me?
so modern.
so, when you see me at my next (imaginary) gala event i'll be wearing this entire ensemble.

do you have a dream gown you'll never actually wear? 
it's kind of fun to go look, 
it's fantasy friday...take some time and look at some ridic priced gowns, 
where will you wear your fantasy dress?

Apr 8, 2010

pegged legs and double socks

~don't forget to vote in the poll~

i like clothes.
clothes are fun,
shoes are more fun,
accessories...my drug of choice.
every once in a while i find something that i really love
but i'm in this weird limbo
am i too old for this? am i young enough to pull it off? should i just walk away now?
it's a hard line to define.
but mostly, if you feel good in it and you love it, you'll pull it off.
unless it's a velour track suit...only wear that indoors.

i love the all the colors. i'm desperate for spring, ok?!
it's fun...i'm from the 80's, i get to wear 80's stuff now that it's back in style, right?
well maybe i can pull of something more toned down
and more age appropriate

and still fun.
make trends work for you, pick one thing and work your outfit around it
don't show up in head to toe 80's fab...remember, it's not actually the 80's.

Apr 7, 2010

why, it's the horse of a different color, of course

i think i would wear colored jeans/pants.
i would definetly wear fun colored cords in the fall, so spring pastels shouldn't be any different, right?

these are fun. i personally would lean towards the capris, they seem more adult.
mostly because i know one of the girls in my youth group totally has a pair of the yellow skinny jeans...
i want to dress my age, age appropriate is key.
for you younger moms, you could probably pull off the colored skinnies.
i love the old navy blue cropped pants on the bottom right, they seem casual and fun.
here's how i'd style it:

comfortable, and great for spring and summer.
you can take this look from the park, to a picnic and do dishes in it too.
plus those sandals are only $13!

Apr 6, 2010

it's that time of year.
swimsuit season
(horrific scream)
how are you holding up so far? take a breath.
i'd like to do a week of swimsuits on focus on different body types 
and what kind of suits you're interested in...
that's where you come in

let me know what type of suit you typically shop for
or what you want to try
let me know what you want your suit to do for you, hide something? show something off?
leave it in a comment, vote in the poll or email me if you want to be more anonymous.

blinded by the light

it's come to my attention that i may have stunted your style growth.
we've been told about a billion times that if you want to appear
thinner and add length to your stature to wear dark denim.
and some of you may stop there, 
look thinner? with dark denim?done.
and that's fine.
but some of you are willing (and wanting) to try new things.
light denim is back and all though there are a lot of imposters out there, 
there are some that you can make work.
first up, the don'ts...the imposters:

these each have something that is a don't.
  1. starting with the top left, too long, nothing makes you look shorter than skinny jeans that are too long...this color might be ok but you'd have to try it on.
  2. next, really? do i have to say anything? if you are remotely attracted to these jeans you need to write me right away and we need to go over some basics.
  3. acid wash. i get it, the 80's are back, some of it is fun...some of it is acid wash...and it's just painful. if you are uber trendy than you can probably pull these off. if you're not, then steer clear.
  4. the cut of these is great, but the fading on the thighs aren't going to do you any favors, watch out . try everything on...and bring an honest girlfriend or just be honest with yourself.
  5. hello high rise, do you want mom jeans? here you go, (fyi, mom jeans is not a good thing) the rise in combination with the color will age you and maybe make you look 4 months pregnant.
  6. blech. i hate the "dirty" denim look. i mean, really? isn't that the exact opposite of what we want? we already wear our jeans like 5 times before we wash them, who wants to look like they haven't washed them for 5 months before they even put them on? no one. besides the dirty holes this color is more than unflattering.
  7. second row, first up, hey! the 70's called they want their suede lace up bell bottoms back. don't buy these unless you're 15 and trying to "make a statment:"
  8. i don't like the color of these. this blue just screams 1994 to me.
  9. the whiskering...who made these? who thought, "if we put whiskers right in the inner thigh, it will make even the thinnest woman look like she has inner fat rolls! i'm a genius, these will fly off the shelf!"
  10. these again have a little of this dirty light denim look and the cut seems a bit juvenile, too young.
  11. the cut. all wrong.
  12. "did you put an adult diaper on?" that's what people will ask you if you wear these. it looks like she poo'd in the front, after rolling around in the beach and laying out in the sun since 1981. don't do this to yourself.
so now we go to the do's, the styles and cuts that will work,
but what is the number one rule?
try on, try on, try on.
just because i show it to you does not mean it will magically work, 
you have to try it on.
the goodies:

why these work:
  • the cropped cut is made for spring and summer frolicking. if you're trying a light jean, try it in the ankle or cropped cut, your look will be fresh and weather/trend apprpriate.
  • the lightness of the blue denims is flattering
  • the style and cut of these are cut to look good on your body.
i love the idea of the wide leg drawstring (top row third in), this could be a great easy look, 
combo it with a close cut shirt and some cute sandals...perfect summer look:
you love it.

go forth and try on some light denim...it never hurts to try on, right?
and if you're not interested, that's fine too.
next up, colored denim...it could be fun...

Apr 5, 2010

would you wear these? when i first saw them...i laughed.
out loud.
then the more i looked at them the more i liked them.
there are a few things i would change:
  1. the color of the denim...i hate light wash...it's dumb. it's not flattering, even on skinny people.
  2. ok, actually that's the only thing...i don't love how these are rolled but that's easy to change.
if these were dark denim i think i would buy them! do you hate it?
i like to try new things...all though i'm not that into vintage-y things**...i love vintage but it has
to be the right thing for me...mostly tops...i'm not brave enough to wear a lace dress...
i'd feel too 80's in it...i'm afraid where i live people wouldn't get it...
but then again, does it matter? if it was something i super loved...i wouldn't care.
i like to make a statement...i just haven't for a while.
what do you think of these jeans? would you ever wear them? do you like to make a statement or blend in?

**i just realized my comment about vintage seems really out of place...i was just looking through some etsy shops (while i was writing this) selling vintage clothes and i really like a lot of them but i wouldn't buy them...vintage isn't something i wear everyday so to me, it would look out of place in my wardrobe...but there are certain tops that would fit into my style...does that all make sense? or even less sense?**

easter shopping...better than no shopping.

was it just me or did Easter super sneak up on us this year?
i went to toys 'r us on sat and...wow.
i don't go there (ever) and i forgot that it's an actual toy store.
i wanted everything...but i got one puffle. for $6.
happy easter.
i did go to old navy and was completly heart broken to learn that they did not carry the
i wanted to do a little dressing room picture show so you could see how it fit
heart. broken.
i spent the rest of my sat taking pics of my sis & bro in laws balloon animals for their business.
my girls had a blast...i think we had every balloon animal imaginable.
really fun. 
sat night i went to a girlfriends and we watched part of twilight and then we watched all of new moon.
(got home around 1am)
ahhhh, jacob. the only thing i will ever be jealous of kstew for...having the chance to touch those abs.
now that the weather should (hopefully) be more spring like...
here's a fun outfit from banana republic

i love everything except the wash of the jeans. unless you are this thin i wouldn't wear this light jean.
switch it do dark denim and you've got a fun spring outfit.
(even if you were this thin...still not a huge fan of the light denim)
how was your Easter weekend? any shopping?

Apr 2, 2010

look 4 less

pretty close, right? i wasn't in love with it when if first saw it but...
it's definetly growing on me...it could be cute. the only thing i don't love about the shade skirt is the big sash/bow...i don't have the kind of body that i can tuck a shirt in and show it off...still cute.

fantasy friday

collage deets

don't these sandals just make you smile? me too.
they scream, strolling downtown window shopping and sipping on a lemonade. can't wait.

Apr 1, 2010

the story

the story starts like regular,
i was once young and super hot,
i loved buying clothes and creating my personal style.

got married
 had a baby
 (this is actually our second baby)
surprisingly enough...i looked pretty hot after i had her too.
we moved, i got a little depressed and started gaining weight.
before i knew it all i wore was elastic waist sweats 
and oversized shirts (some with hideous floral prints, think kmart special).
no shape to any of my clothes.
i cut my hair super short...like so short people make question my sexual orientation.
i was trying to find my formal self.
instead of dressing the body that i had i just covered it up 
and i looked a stereotype.
the mom who lets herself go.
i lived through my daughter though...i always got compliments on what she was wearing, 
i'd even say i dress her with the style i have but...
but...they don't have anything cute in my size.
i was putting laundry away in my husbands drawers, i found this xxl orange polo shirt

(this shirt was too big for him...he never wore it)
and i was so sick of everything i had i thought, maybe this pretty orange polo will make me feel better.
when my husband came home from lunch he said:
"is that a new shirt? you look really nice today."
huge. wake-up. call. i looked disgusting and i knew it.
when your husband says you look really nice in an oversized shirt and sweats...
that THAT outfit consititues that you have "tried" today and that you look nice...
there's a problem.
slowly but surely i pulled it together.
honestly, the first step was growing my hair out! yikes.
i came to grips with the size that i was and i shopped until i found things that i thought
were cute and that fit me.
i wore jeans again. i put earrings on.
between that time and now i've had another baby.
and i hit rock bottom with my weight.
i am a woman who loves fashion. i love shopping. 
and i couldn't shop or wear the things that i loved so i knew i needed to do something about that.
that's a whole different story...
the moral of this story is, don't wait. 
dress the body that you have now.
feel good about you, right now.
do something for you, right now.