Dec 29, 2010

well hello there

how was everyone's Christmas?
yeah, me too.

new years is coming you actually go out?
we don't.
it would be really fun to get together and play
games with friends...but we all have kids.
 maybe something earlier in the evening...
anyway, that's not why i'm writing, 
this is:

i was on the phone with my bff today
and she mentioned that 
urban outfitters is having a sale on a lot of 
their jeans, $29!
here are some of my fav's that are in the sale.
so cute.
i can't wait till spring.
i'm kidding myself thinking i'll be able to fit into
cute clothes after i have baby #3
but right's what's getting me 
through all the weight gain.
this is
30lbs so far...(slit wrists).
(p.s. i know i'm pregnant and i'm supposed to gain weight...yes, i'm still complaining)
but until then here are some of my favorite pregnancy
clothes that i'd like to buy
but can't bring myself to to spend more $$ 
well, that's not entirely true...
i can always convince myself to buy more clothes.
the two with actual models are from gap
and the rest is from old navy.
don't you love the idea of that striped shirt
under that maxi cute.


  1. We are staying in but having our other friends with kids over. Plan to do a east coast new year's eve for the kids at 9 PM PST. Which is 1 hour past their bedtime so they will be excited. Then they are going to try to have all 6 kids sleep in our house and try to continue the fun (games) with just adults. Worht a try we figured.

    Those jeans are so cool. Great price. I gained 50 with my son so don't freak out.

  2. The grey cardi is really cute!! x

  3. I'm so excited because a family in our ward is having a party tonight and they are setting up a room for the kids to sleep/play in, so the parents can still party. Yes! ;D

    Thanks for the tip off on the Urban jeans. Also, yes, the striped shirt under the maxi would be super, super cute.

    Happy New Year!!!

  4. We're spending this NYE watching movies, eating pizza, and drinking beer at home -- and we don't even have kiddos! Enjoy the last night of 2010, Christa! :)


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