Oct 12, 2010

your q's answered

i'm back.
and feeling much better.

in my absence a reader asked about family photos:

"So...I have outdoor family portraits this weekend. 
Is there is any chance you could put 
together a post on how to dress for these things? 
Pretty please? 
It's making me crazy trying to get 
everyone to coordinate without being too matchy matchy."
but of course.
with modern family photos it seems to be all about
dressing in bright "look at me" colors
and they all seem to have that 
effortless look about the clothing.
i take pictures on the side as well
and i think the most important thing in family
shots is that you don't loose the essence
of who your family is.
ie: my oldest would never (ever, ever, ever,) wear a dress
so i would never put her in one just for family pics.
i want her to be comfortable but of course
i would still have a say in what she's wearing.  
here's the first thing that popped in my head:
clothing details here 
playing on colors in some of the more colorful outfits
is key to great coordination.
i tried to get clothes that had the same colors...but you get the idea.
moms shirt plays on:
big sis' leggings, pink in sleeves
little sis' pink in dress.
moms scarf plays on:
blue in both dresses and in big bro's shirt
dad's sweater can be lighter and coordinate with big bro
or can be darker and bring in big sis' dress more.
 little sis' tights play on:
big sis' dress and possibly dad's sweater. 
does that make sense? 
you don't have to do these coordination's exactly
(this is by no means a rule)
but it gives you an idea how you can bring out different 
colors with different pieces.
coordinating sisters can be easy when they dress in the same section.
buying tops at the same store can also make it easier.
places like target and old navy make it easy to find
coordinating clothing for girls:
 all these shirts are from old navy
and you can get the rest of the details here 
i did another girls dresses idea
because well...girl clothes are more fun:
 all these dresses "go together" in some way or another
it just depends on how "loud" you want it to look.
now for boys...i'll admit i have no experience in 
dressing little boys but luckily there clothing choices
aren't as hard to choose from:
  i think the boys shirt should go with a color in one
at least one of the sisters dresses,
and mom should have an 
element of it or dad should.
or both, but not so much that it looks matchy.
boys clothing details here 
 there's also a little bit of light blue in big sis' dress
that goes with big bro's shirt and then that can tie
in moms blue shirt too.
clothing details here
but the number one rule i tell moms
it's all about you.
if you aren't comfortable
if you don't feel good
if you don't like what you are wearing
if you don't feel fabulous and gorgeous
then no matter how many shots
or locations you go to,
you aren't going to love the family picture.
and to add onto that, your husband doesn't care
what he looks like.
in my experience, your kids always look cute
your husband never cares what he looks like
and you scrutinize your own face/body in every shot.

i give all moms special permission to find that outfit that
makes you feel gorgeous before you even look
for coordinates for everyone else.

i hope this was helpful and gave the reader
and others tips on family photos.
p.s. i don't know what's going on with blogger
but it's publishing my print in smaller font...sorry ladies.
i hope it works itself out, no matter
how many times i edit it, it looks the same.


  1. Great tips! We are doing our first family photo for the holiday so I will be referring back to this. :)

  2. Great advice! I've starred this for future reference :)

  3. These outfit combinations are PERFECT!! My favorite part though? The pops of color! :-)

  4. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I really appreciate you doing this!This helps tons, especially since I already have some of the exact things things you used! I will post pictures when we get them.

  5. Glad your feeling better! I totally agree, the effortless look is the way to go for family pictures. Happy Birthday tomorrow....ok I'll just tell you that tomorrow.

    Wearing It On My Sleeves

  6. All I can say is Amen, Amen, Amen. Glad I'm not the only one that has a husband that doesn't care what he looks like, yet we want everything to look perfect...it never happens. Thanks for the great tips. We have pictures this week too. All I need now is to get a nice shot of a wild 3 year old boy!

  7. This is great- I want to buy all of these clothes so we can be the matchy little family!

  8. Glad to hear you're better!
    Those family pic outfit ideas look great! Now if you had two little girls close in age would you dress them the same or is that too sickly cute OTT? :)


  9. Thank you for all the tips! We have a lovely family photo of all of us wearing white in front of the ocean but I love your suggestions as well!

  10. Can I just tell you how much I LOVE this post? I am an idiot thinking we should all be wearing same color tops and bottoms. How boring and you are right, I never feel this reflects who I am in the first place and never feel great. I am totally going to take your advice, pick an outfit I love on me first than coordinate the family in hues and patterns. Can't wait to apply this to xmas photos.

  11. Love the 2nd combo - this is always hard to do trying to come up with what to wear for the whole family!


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