Oct 25, 2010

i'm baaAAAaack

hello lovelies!
i'm back from my awesome weekend
of awesomeness.

i know you're probably on the edge of 
your computer chair waiting for
pictures of my awesome 
brazilian treatment.
you're going to have to keep on waiting.
1. i don't  know how to get pics off my phone
and that's where all my pics of my hair are
from right after i got my hair did.
2. i'm busy today.

but i will tell you this:
it took my 10 minutes to straighten my hair today.
10 minutes.
and it looks salon quality.
no joke.

and until i get my pics up and my full review
here is the 
as i was getting my hair did,
the hairdresser next to us came over and told us this 
conversation that just happened
between her and the man who's hair she was cutting.
the parts of this real conversation are played by
a hairdresser (woman)
and a seemingly regular guy.
hairdresser: "do you have a lot of bums in your neighborhood?"
man: "what is "bums?"
hairdresser: "umm, homeless people."
man: "no we don't have bums but...we do have people
that drive domestic. i saw someone the other day 
driving a chevy."

for real.
these words actually came out of his mouth.
best thing i heard my whole trip.


  1. LOL!! hairdressers must hear the weirdest things.
    Looking forward to seeing the hair... holding onto the edge of my chair here!!! ;)


  2. Oh, my goodness. He did NOT say that! Hahhaha, that's SoCal for you. Rich jerks.


  3. That is hysterical!

    My sister is a hairdresser - she could write a book with all the things that she hears!

  4. Hilarious. OH, I am so jelous. I posted couple days ago how frustrated I am with my hair after trying tons of products to make it healthier looking. Can't wait to see your photos. You just might convince me to shell out the bucks for it.


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