Oct 1, 2010

fantasy friday

how about some ridiculous gloves?
some amazing
and some amazingly ridic...
...and why not through in a fur?

these skeletal hand things are described as a "hand belt"
i have zero ideas what that is or what it means.
do you know?

have a great weekend, happy fantasy friday.


  1. My bank account is so not friends with you! Loving the ones with the bows and leopard!


  2. I have a question. I have super sort legs and a long torso. I want a cute pair of taller boots but I feel like they all look a little weird...like they come up to my knee when they should probably hit mid-calf. I want a pair of versatile boots with no heel or a low heel. Preferably ones that will look proportionate with my huge ghetto booty.

    Have you seen anything like this?

  3. Interesting prices there. They are very pretty but don't think worth the tag. A few years ago I bought those really long looking ones from Ann Taylor $60 and thought that was pricey. :)


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