Sep 27, 2010

look 4 less

how was your weekend?
the only shopping i did was
honestly, even that type of shopping
gives me a thrill.

as i was perusing all my favorite
online places to shop
(and by shop, i mean fill my bag and never purchase a thing)
i was looking through
and cam across
this amazing kate spade new york ensemble.
do you love it?
there's something about textile
and pattern mixing that seems
so modern.
i especially like this look with these 
bordeaux tights!

so here are some ways to 
do this look without dropping $815:

the blouse:

the skirt:

the cardigan:
and some fun tights:
do you like texture and pattern mixing?
it's all about putting the right
colors together.


  1. I do like the textiles and pattern pairing. There's something very complimentary and unexpected about the roughness of the textiles and the softness of the patterns (both visually and tactically). I think this is one of my favorite ways to wear a flowery-flow-y, very feminine blouse.

  2. I do love mixing patterns and textures. I bought such a similar looking skirt at Target last week. By Tucker of coures. It is navy with gold. And a silk butterfly design blouse. The skirt was $30, the blouse $20. Seeing your Kate spade look I am thinking it would look great with a cardigan. I love your tights selection as well.


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