Sep 2, 2010

how to wear colored and patterned tights

i received a comment yesterday asking:
"how do you wear pattern and colored tights
without looking ridiculous?"
without owning boots.
after i awoke from my sudden shock
i decided to answer the tights issue
with a simple how to wear.

so the first rule of trying anything new
or a trend is:
stick to your personal style.
go ahead and try things on that you wouldn't normally try
it might look amazing,
but don't try to dress in a style that doesn't
reflect you.
you end up looking like you're dressing up
and more often than not you're probably not
comfortable...and it shows.

ok, on to the tights.
here are some unfortunate tights and some tights
that are just plain hard for the everyday woman to pull off:

i'm pretty sure no one thought to wear these patterns anyway
but just in case...these are hard to wear.
and honestly some of them no one should wear.

i'm sure what most women are afraid of is:
1. making their legs look bigger than they are
2. looking ridiculous (as stated from our fine reader yesterday)
above are a few things to stay away from
white/light colors
vertical stripes
crazy pattern dress and tights

with that said here are some looks that work,
remember these are just ideas
of what work,
not necessarily the only
dresses and tights that work
i would also suggest working either a pattern or a color
not both.
unless you're a veteran tight wearer, start out slow.
when starting out, it's easier to
pair a pattern tight with a solid dress or skirt.
(that doesn't mean you can't put a pattern with a pattern skirt
in that case you need to just try them on together to see if it goes)
with colored tights, it's kind of the same concept
keeping your dress and skirt combos simpler
with minimal accessories;
this will help your fun tights stand out.
if you're working a pattern dress, colored tights, fun heels and
lots of accessories it can turn into a sideshow.

ok, i hope that helps you on your way to trying some tights out this fall and winter.
and for the love...promise me
you'll at least goodwill-it-up and
look for some boots.

click here for a blog all about tights and how regular people wear their tights,


  1. Thank you! excellent blog post! As far as the boots, I have stupidly small feet. Boots for feet that small don't exist.

  2. thanks! maybe one day i'll be brave enough to do it!

  3. OK...I have been persuaded to find my first pair of boots EVER. If I only own one pair of boots, what style should they be?

  4. I really love your writing style. It's so fun and conversational. Thanks for the ideas!


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