Sep 21, 2010

hair week extravaganza 2010

how long have you had your
current cut and color?
if you're holding up more than one hand
of's time for a change.
honestly i think more than 3 years is
pushing it.
it's easy to get stuck in a hair
rut because you become comfortable
with how you look.
maybe when you first got the look
people said how great you look all the time
but do they still?
i have some exciting news for you:
hair grows back.
i know, you're in shock.
one more thing,
hair color is evolving and
changing with the times...your color should too.

of course with color i'm speaking to the girls
that do color their hair.
whenever i color my hair i color it the same color 
as my natural color,
mostly to get rid of my grey's.
(yes i have grey hair, i've had the little pests since i was 23)
i'm finally embracing my dark brunette locks
instead of trying to make them blonde.
(what is it with being blonde? frickin' America)'s fun to try new things.
especially if it's time for a change.

so first with color, here are the hottest trends 
via Tracey Cunningham, Redken Creative Consultant for Color
i found her fall/winter hair trends all over the web
(do people say web anymore?)
here are her tips for brunette's, redheads and blondes.
i'm not sure why there wasn't a black hair category.


"For my brunette clients, I plan to keep their base a dark chocolate truffle hue but you’ll see a lot of thick golden highlights starting from the mid-section of their hair. Let it be fun and flirty in the winter months to spice up your look, think Lily Aldridge for this look!"


"Va va voom color! Redheads this Fall/Winter will lean towards a single process tone, with no highlights just vibrant deep mahogany tones. For this must-have look of the season, think Julianne Moore. She has the most luscious shade of red that’s full of intense shine."


"The Fall/Winter blonde will be a California blonde with the base a shade darker to give some dimension to the look. The blonde locks will be light and golden to compliment your client’s look of the season. This look is so fun and can be worn from season to season! Think Kate Bosworth for this blonde shade, it pops on her and looks great with a red lip."

i'm toying with the idea of trying the brunette look.
it's fun and i could wear it for a few months.
changing your hair really is fun
and it keeps things interesting.
i challenge you to try a new color
or cut if you've had the same look for a while.
have long locks?
think about cutting off 4-6 inches.
have you had the same shape 
( style or shape at all?)
to your hair?
some razor sharp layers or bangs could be just the thing
to bring you into fall.
here are some cut, color and, style inspirations:

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