Aug 30, 2010

project runway re-cap

who would have thought the team of overachievers would fail?
ehh, it's kind of expected, right?
all the big head designers on one team...
they were bound to over think it
instead of design, right?

it was sad that what's his name had to go...aj?
but honestly i think we all knew he wasn't going
to make it to the end anyway...i was pretty sure.
heck, even in his exit interview he said he didn't think he'd make it
i hate it when designers say that...then why did you come?
why are you here if you don't think you have a chance?
make room for people who want to be here.
whoa, i totally just had a little rant.
the best thing about the losing team
was seeing gretchen go from
"i love it, i stand behind it"
"there were a lot of issues, i'm embarrassed."
talk about trying to save your own.
also, michael kors' comment about the vest!!!
sooo good.
"that vest looks like something off the golden girls."

and the winning teams looks that i liked:

how did you think the teams fared?

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