Aug 18, 2010

fall trend: lace

a lace top seems kind of 80's/90's right?

how do you make it look more like this?
photo from 1912

well first of all, look around at pics in magazines and online
to see how this trend is done right now.
not 20 years ago.
(unless that's your style...then go for it).

here's a little slide show on lace for this fall, from marie claire click here
see how celebs are doing lace here on glamour.

it's all about finding cut, fit and style you like:
brands and prices here

brands and prices here

will you wear lace this season?
all over or bits and pieces?

brands and prices here

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  1. This is good stuff! I'm following you and FBing you!

    Come see me too:

  2. yes, i can't decide where i stand on the lace trend! on the one hand, i love it on other people; on the other, i don't know if i could pull it off myself!
    thus, am hugely appreciating your post!


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