Jun 2, 2010

wednesday webs

usually i try and have stores that are
only online for wednesday webs
i didn't realize there were 
metropark stores
all over the u.s.
perhaps not near you though
so i find it efficient to still share.
their tag line is
fashion. music. art.
i like it.
there is access to amazing jeans
there are some really great sale prices
here's a little look at 
the offerings at metropark
how much do you love that yellow bag?
yeah, me too.
and i'm a little in love with the dark gray fedora,
you see light straw fedoras everywhere
but how often do you see this great
gun metal color?
(almost never is the answer)
it's a good way to be on
trend and still be unique in your style.
love it.

those are some great necklaces, right?
they aren't that expensive either.
go check it out.
i bet you could find some 
great deals if you browse for a while.
have fun browsing...
ahh, the beauty of online shopping.
i can fill my cart to the brim
and there are no judging eyes
(especially when it sits in my cart for a month and never gets purchased)


your comments make my day...serious.
it's like having an adult convo...but one sided.