May 4, 2010


right now i'm wearing leggings
(i'm pretty sure they are see-through)
and a long wrinkled tunic
with house shoes.
(my husbands house shoes)
these are my inside clothes.
i'm not going to be totally put together when i'm inside doing:
making snacks
if i plan on going out, i will put on my outside clothes.
which would consist of some type of pant, like jeans or jeggings
(i might actually keep leggings on...just swap for opaque ones)
a top that's flattering, 
and it's still cold where i am, so probably my knee high boots.
earrings and/or a necklace.

are you doing inside and outside clothes?

when you're in your home it's a safe zone.
you can't be "on" all the time and your home is where you can relax.

once i have my outside clothes on, i keep them on for the rest of the day.
with the exception of ditching my shoes for house shoes.

don't push yourself to look amazing all the time.
you'll get frustrated and tired...also 
your feet might hurt.
be comfortable in your home with your clothing.
i'm never saying to ditch your yoga pants (or sweats)
i'm saying ditch them as your outside clothes.

outside clothes don't have to be complicated or uncomfortable.
try it. you might like it.    - yo gabba gabba

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