May 12, 2010

dress your best- legs, hair, eyes

i didn't really leave the house yesterday
excpet to go play basket ball
and i'm 1,000% sure that outfit was not flattering.
i decided to showcase my 
and eyes today.
i didn't really "do" my hair in these pics
so i guess that's why i like my hair
(most days)
i don't really have to do anything with it
and it does the "just got out of bed" look
but i can also straighten it and it looks 
super mod.
in this pic i'm wearing:
boyfriend t: target
undertank: charlotte russe
skirt: old navy
sandals: clarks via tj maxx
headband: zida

making sandals work for you.
i love the comfort of
bad slops and having something in between my toes
it feels like a security blanket.
but these are cute, right?
i think they are:
(ignore man toes)
and an extreme face close up
this is the best way i thought
to showcase my hair and eyes.
those are all my's why i love my eyes
my lashes are long and thick.

stay tuned for wednesday webs 
a giveaway


  1. You are so gorgeous!!! Love the hair, love the eyes, love the toenail polish! You always look fabulous!

  2. Love the toenail polish. What color is it?

  3. Christa!!!

    I love your pics! And how exciting! You gotta giveaway!!!


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