Apr 5, 2010

would you wear these? when i first saw them...i laughed.
out loud.
then the more i looked at them the more i liked them.
there are a few things i would change:
  1. the color of the denim...i hate light wash...it's dumb. it's not flattering, even on skinny people.
  2. ok, actually that's the only thing...i don't love how these are rolled but that's easy to change.
if these were dark denim i think i would buy them! do you hate it?
i like to try new things...all though i'm not that into vintage-y things**...i love vintage but it has
to be the right thing for me...mostly tops...i'm not brave enough to wear a lace dress...
i'd feel too 80's in it...i'm afraid where i live people wouldn't get it...
but then again, does it matter? if it was something i super loved...i wouldn't care.
i like to make a statement...i just haven't for a while.
what do you think of these jeans? would you ever wear them? do you like to make a statement or blend in?

**i just realized my comment about vintage seems really out of place...i was just looking through some etsy shops (while i was writing this) selling vintage clothes and i really like a lot of them but i wouldn't buy them...vintage isn't something i wear everyday so to me, it would look out of place in my wardrobe...but there are certain tops that would fit into my style...does that all make sense? or even less sense?**


  1. I could see those jeans possibly being cute if they were dark denim. On a different note, I am totally in love with those shoes. Can you find out where they are from?

  2. I am going to have to go against the grain here and say I am loving the light wash. To me they are a breath of fresh air from the bazillion pairs of dark denim in my closet. They scream spring and fun in the sun. I am about to pull the trigger on a pair of J Brand light denim skinnies. Does that mean I suck?

  3. oh erica, you're lucky, you're in the 1% of girls that can pull them off...PLUS you're trendy, you dress with trends so you can incorporate them in your wardrobe and it will go with everything else you have. i'm not against light wash, i'm against the light wash that has that blue in it...you know the 90's blue lt. wash...barf.
    i'm all for spring colored jeans...in fact i'm going to write about them this week.
    and tracy, you can get those shoes almost anywhere...it's totally the look of sandals this year.

  4. Those are very kind words-not even remotely true, but very kind.
    Here's what I am thinking though...remember way back when skinnies first made their appearance and everyone thought that only the girls who were 6'7" and 98 lbs could wear them?? And now skinnies have become a staple in every girl's wardrobe. I am thinking there is a slight possibility that light wash (in the right cut) does the same.
    Regardless...any chance I can beg you to do a post on acceptable light wash jeans before I go spend way too much money on a pair?? Pretty, pretty please??


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