Mar 1, 2010

spring is in the air...

and by the air i mean in my mind's eye. because it is cold, gray and wet outside my window. sigh.
so why not spring it up with your wardrobe?
accessories can make (and brake) and outfit.
i'm usually a long earring wearer...i think i have one pair of posts....
because they came with a necklace.
but I'm starting to understand
the allure of a simple post...
and that it doesn't have to be simple,
that's the part i like.
welcome to your ears:
clockwise starting with the purple, birds:betseyjohnson,, mini forest
silver birds:modcloth, strawberries:juicycouture, blue, butterflies:jucycouture and center frogs:betseyjohnson, 
isn't this fun?
my daughters would love to see me in some of's amazing what can entertain a child in a time of need...and by need i mean the line at the grocery store is taking too long
and you can magically make the birds in your ears chirp...
that's entertainment...and using your mom degree to its full potential.
isn't it amazing how creative all mothers can be when needed.
it's a mother's blessing. 
and a blessing to be a mother.

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  1. These are absolutely adorable! love the blue and pink flower ones!


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