Apr 18, 2012


I love a good deal. I found a shirt I loved at Nordstrom's, AND it was on clearance. Awesome.
I wanted one in every color but there was only one color available. Not so awesome.
I was telling one of my lady friends about it and she got online and discovered that not only did it come in three more colors but it was on SUPER clearance online. Nordstroms (from here on out will always be referred to as Nordy's) has free shipping y'all.
I ordered all the colors, and I will be returning the original.
Is it weird to have 4 of the same shirt? I feel like it should be but I don't care. I love the cut of it and it's super light and sheer for the hotter months coming up.(p.s. I'm wearing one of the colors below)

You know what else I love?
When I make up an outfit in my head and then put it on AND THEN it actually looks as cute as I was hoping.
Something I hate? Trying to take outfit pictures after not taking any for months and looking like a total douche.
I almost fell over in this picture, that is why I'm smiling, I thought I was about to fall off the deck to my certain death...or something less dramatic. Notice I'm attempting to balance on one foot.

Also, please note my full bod pictures aren't in focus. You're welcome for my amateur photog skills. I'm still trying to figure out my new backyard and optimal outfit picture scenarios.

Do you love this skirt? I got it for...wait for it...$9! Check your Target, it may be on clearance at yours too!

I got these new glasses after drooling over them for a few months (thanks sugar daddy). I luuurve them (and I totally hate it when people say lurve...unless they really mean it). My ombre hair disaster of 2011 has come full circle and is actually starting to look ombre-esque. I think the ombre is only noticeable when I straighten my hair...so basically it's never noticeable. I'm so chic.
top:nordy's, sweater: old navy, skirt: target, sandals: really old from tj's
I'm only putting this last picture in because my jawline looks super nice, right? Like a baby's butt.

Free advice:
Don't put your wedge's on an hour before church because you still have to wear them for a thousand hours during church.
What? You already knew that?
I was just so excited that my husband found my sandals and that it wasn't raining and I could wear them!
Sandal indents, no bueno.

Apr 16, 2012


I'd like to give a shout out to my friend Michelle who convinced me that I should be getting a manicure once a month- and not just and manicure, a super awesome long lasting shellac mani.
shellac mani=technology that uses a UV light and specially developed polish technology to stay on your nails for at least 14 days. The polish/gel does not chip, scratch, or smudge.
Say what?
I'd heard of it before but I never get my nails done...ever. I don't have amazing long nails, I have regular short stubby ones.
I use to paint them all the time but since having the Jayster I lack the motivation...plus it starts to chip 2 days later. It's kind of a waste of my time right now.

But not with shellac! Do I sound like an info-mercial?

Issues I had with shellac:
I had to go back and get a few nails re-done because according to the nail tech, the first girl didn't "rough up" my nails enough.
Kind of weird cartoonish like thick polish on the tips...some of my nails looked normal and some of them looked like I had miracle grow on the ends. Whatevs.

I like:
that it does not chip. it doesn't.
It looks like I just painted my nails...everyday.
I look put together even if I'm wearing sweats because my nails looks super awesome. serious.

My mani lasted almost 3 weeks before my nails started getting really noticeable grow out and peely looking around the edges (noticeable to me and anyone else that would stare at my nails 3 inches from their faces...so no one else but me).

In conclusion, if you don't have the time or desire to change your polish every few days and want to have super fly looking nails 24/7 for 2-3 weeks then I totally recommend shellac, also known as gellac and axxiom.

p.s. I'm wearing Strawberry Margarita by O.P.I and this pic was taken almost 2 weeks after my initial manicure. Holla.

Apr 11, 2012


add color.
 the end.

should i say more?

outfit 1:
colored jeans
cute shoes (whatever you can handle, patent flats? wedge sandals? dressy flip flop?

that's it, you will look super cute.
take it from LC- she is a goddess. i love her, she can do no wrong.

note: awesome hair, awesome shoes.
awesome shoes do not have to be 4 inch heels.

outfit 2:
cotton blazer

the key in this look is the blazer. i just got a sweet striped blazer from Marshalls for $25!
i pledge to you that there is no way I'd wear heels all day.
would i wear them for a couple errands? yes.
do i dress up to go outside for one hour...I've been known to do that.
would you rather looks like above picture for one hour while you run to Target?
Warm boots instantly downgrade, right?
I wear mine all the time...I'm not saying I don't...sometimes I think they even make my outfit.
But I also decide to look cute when I go out too.

back to the cotton blazer- when I say cotton I mean like a t-shirt material for the most comfort...it feels like a hoodie and looks nothing like it.

Jean jackets are also really hot right now.

i love this look:
literally everything. the hair, the lip color and that there are 7 things to this look INCLUDING accessories.
1. headband
2. necklace
3. t-shirt
4. blazer
5. cropped jeans
6. clutch
7. heeled sandals

do you love this picture too? my guess is that you lean towards a classic style if you do.
to accomplish classic, buy basic pieces (that does not mean cheap), t-shirts, great jeans etc.
in solid colors and add color with your accessories and/or make-up.
do you love everything Reese Witherspoon or Jen Aniston wears? You're a classic girl.
Classic style is simple and clean.